The Preacher and the Presidents

October 3, 2012

Categories: Events

In the book “The Preacher and the Presidents,” TIME veterans Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy write:

His critics called him gullible, naive to the point of self-delusion; his defenders, of whom there were a great many more, called him trusting, always seeing the best in powerful people and often eliciting it as a result. Where both agreed was that his agenda – to spread the gospel of redeeming love – applied as much to his Oval Office ministry as to his global one. “I think at times they turn to things that are far beyond them,” he said, referring to the occupants of the White House, “and they have nowhere else to go.”

Watch this powerful video about Billy Graham and his relationships with the presidents:

There’s still time to get an up close and personal look at Billy Graham’s relationships with presidents and world leaders. Come see the exhibit “Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador to World Leaders,” on display now through the end of October.

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