Staff Picks: Christmas Gift Ideas

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Ruth’s Attic Bookstore (at The Billy Graham Library or online) has something for everyone on your list.


Staff Picks from Ruth’s Attic

On “Cyber Monday,” here are some great gift ideas that are not only stylish, but also help you join the movement to transform our nation. With the purchase of these products, proceeds support the outreach “My Hope with Billy Graham.”


Inspiring Words from Ruth Bell Graham

In December 1965, Decision shared something written by Ruth Bell Graham.  Her message is timeless so we’d like to share it again with you now. “This, Too, Shall I Give” “Let me offer for our consideration a revised shopping list – This Christmas I am giving my parents more loving appreciation for the years of …


Christmas Gift Ideas at Ruth’s Attic

Still looking for the perfect gift? Ruth’s Attic Bookstore, right inside the Library, has some great ideas for everyone on your list. Right now, there is a wonderfully festive selection of Christmas items; bowls, platters, wall hangings, and even the cutest little salt and pepper shakers! (Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, …