Staying Christian in College—Part 2

July 14, 2017

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We are continuing our Staying Christian in College series with today’s post from Giovanna A. who is serving this summer as an editorial intern for Decision Magazine.

Four years ago, I never would’ve imagined graduating from Wheaton College.

As a senior in high school, I committed to a different university ignoring God’s calling as I thought I knew how my future was to unfold. It turns out, God’s plan for me was completely different than what I had envisioned. God had called me to Wheaton College, which at the time was not my first choice of school.

In the midst of my uncertainty, I surrendered my desires and future to God. I chose to trust God’s plan and stand on His promises. So, I deferred enrollment to the university and committed to Wheaton College.

My decision to stop pursuing my agenda and surrender my future to God caused everything to change. Fear left, peace flooded my soul and a desire to walk in obedience was greater than before. More than that, my desires for the future were redrawn to reflect what God had planned for me as I now wanted my desires to align with what He desired for my life. This moment in my relationship with Jesus Christ significantly impacted my walk with Him throughout my college years.

I entered my freshman year confident in who I was and whose I was but soon learned that just because I was confident in my identity as a child of God, I wasn’t immune to trials that would come my way.

My time at Wheaton College made it clear to me that if I was going to face each day, no matter what it presented, my relationship with Jesus Christ needed to be close and personal. It needed to be Jesus and me. Not chapel, Jesus and me. Not small group, Jesus and me. Not friends, Jesus and me. It needed to first be Jesus and me. Though all the others spiritually built me up, I had to choose not to rely on them when it came to my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

During life, you will encounter people, places or things that either spiritually build you up or tear you down. For the ones that build you up, it can be easy to rely on them to carry your relationship with the Lord. But, know that more than anything in this world, God desires to be in a relationship with you—just you.

So, if you’re about to start college, are already in college, didn’t go to college or have been out of college for a while—no matter what season of life you’re in—set apart some uninterrupted time to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Desire a personal yet public relationship where you’re so intimate with your Heavenly Father that in the end, nothing else matters.

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