Prayer for North Carolina

December 4, 2013

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North Carolina’s “Our State” magazine asked people of faith across the state to share what “a prayer for North Carolina” means to them. In the December issue, Billy Graham’s “My Prayer for North Carolina” is featured along with several others. You can read a portion of the prayer below and read the entire feature at

Our State collage 2Heavenly Father, we pause to worship You and give thanks for the mighty works of Your hands. Thank You, Lord, for the gathering of families who came to live on the good land that we call North Carolina. You have graced us with the magnificence of Your handiwork, seen in the strength of the mighty ocean that brushes the Outer Banks and sandy shores, the loveliness of the Appalachian Mountains that pierce the clouds of Heaven, and the peaceful scenery of the rolling plains of the Piedmont. These are just glimpses of what You long to give mankind — Your strength, Your love, and Your peace.

Whether North Carolinians hail from generations who grew up on the land or people who choose this state to call home, I am grateful to be among them. Help us not forget the blessings that come because You are the gracious God, the abundant Provider, the great Forgiver, and the selfless Savior who invites people everywhere to repent and realize that hope for peace in our hearts and among others is brought about through Your mighty love. Forgive us when we forget to acknowledge You, when we take for granted Your limitless resources, when we fail to obey Your loving commands, and when we are ungrateful for Your saving grace. Help us to treasure the fact that even though we fail You, Your promises never fail.


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