Poem by Ruth Bell Graham: With This Ring

“With this ring…”

your strong, familiar voice

fell like a benediction

on my heart, that dusk;

tall candles flickered gently,

our age-old vows were said,

and I could hear someone

begin to sing

an old, old song,

timeworn and lovely,

timeworn and dear.

And in that dusk

were old, old friends –

and you, an old friend, too,

(and dearer than them all).

Only my ring seemed new –

its plain gold


warm and bright

and strange to me

that candlelight…

unworn – unmarred.

Could it be that wedding rings

like other things,

are lovelier when scarred?

From Ruth Bell Graham, Sitting By My Laughing Fire


To see more from Ruth Bell Graham, visit here.


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  1. Bill Savage says:

    I thank the Lord for letting me live in the same period that Dr Billy Graham lived

  2. Ruth Harvey says:

    I went to Pinebrook Camp in PA around l948-49 and loved it! The speakers were great and many accepted Christ at the nightly meetings — I had already known Him as Savior earlier. It was a great experience and I went more than one year. Billy Graham and Cliff Barrows were there. I just now got out my group pictures and must show them to our grandchildren!

  3. Inika Kroh says:

    Always thankful to Billy Graham …. met Jesus and my husband to be at his Sydney Rally in April 1968 … almost 50 years ago!?

  4. Teresa Weigand says:

    Thank you for sharing her poem. So beautiful. Is the ring pictured hers? I remember seeing jewelry boxes like that of my grandmother’s.

    1. bglibrary says:

      Yes – it is hers!

  5. Ethel fambro says:

    A very dear friend carry me to see the library oh my God it was a awesome experience would love to go back every one should go and visit

  6. Kimberly Erskine says:

    I grew up listening to and watching Billy Graham crusades in my living room as a child and young teen. My parents admired him. I was captivated by his voice and strong convictions. His example and messages will remain forever in my memories. Thank you for standing firm Rev. Graham. Thank you for supporting your husband Mrs. Graham even in those lonely nights while he was away. Our prayers go out to the entire Graham family during this time of loss, yet heavenly celebration.

  7. Marie Hanley says:

    How lovely and precious are those words. Let us all take a leaf from this poem and apply it to our own life.

  8. Christine Spencer says:

    I met Dr Billy Graham when I was in the Brownies as it was 1st Sunday we marched in the sixties to Bierley Park in Bradford 4 Uk behind a brass band down to the park from our meeting hut to meet up with The preacher who changed my life . I am now 62yrs young and filled with the Holy Spirit as I responded to the alter call as young browny and left the meeting filled with the Holy spirit which has grown stronger over the years to the present Holy Blessed. God’s Richest Blessings to all the family.

  9. Frank Westmoreland says:

    Billy taught us all how anyone! can RECEIVE CHRIST just as you are and always used the hymn “Just as I am” in his crusades. Even more amazing, Billy had to accept and receive Christ JUST LIKE ALL OF US!!!! as NO one is without sin! When we confess our sins to Jesus and receive Him, we make him “gloriously happy! and have ENERGY to use right now and can be comfortable among anyone we meet and of course eternal life with JESUS! This is just one of many “energy testimony reasons I could give! I HOPE AND PRAY BILLY CAN LOOK DOWN FROM HEAVEN AND SEE ME WRITING THIS!

  10. Sue North says:

    What a remarkable life and wonderful memorial of BG. I look forward to visiting the Library and Homestead some day.

  11. Cathy D. Harris says:

    An absolutely beautiful poem! Reading it gave me chills!

  12. Jennie Watson says:

    How do I make arrangements for a group of ladies to visit the Billy Graham museum?

    1. bglibrary says:

      Hi Jennie, please call this number for help when planning your trip: 704-401-3270
      We hope you enjoy your visit!

  13. Carolyn Mainord says:

    I’m so thankful for the life Rev Graham and Ruth lived. I grew up watching his services and am thankful for the family still carrying on with God’s work. I visited the Library several years ago with my church group and enjoyed it so much. I hope to go back and one day and to stay at the Training Center at the Cover. Look forward to meeting you two in heaven one day!

  14. Gloria Fender says:

    Such a sweet story about two that are in the history books for Christ. They are surely reaping the rewards of God to His faithful servants!

  15. Sharon says:

    How beautiful and precious.

  16. Jolene Mc Kernan says:

    For two solid years, I have read books about Billy Graham, Ruth Graham and Franklin Graham. I read “Just As I Am” through twice. I so needed courage in my life at that time. Billy Graham’s book inspired me. Then I read books by two presidents, President George W. Bush and President Jimmy Carter. I read Franklin Graham’s book “Rebel With A Cause”. And I read Ruth Bell Graham’s “Footprints of A Pilgrim”. God’s hand of Blessing has been on the Graham’s lives. That Blessing has not only saved, helped and blessed American’s, but through Him, the world has been Blessed by the Graham’s. Billy Graham’s “Ministry to the World” backed by his wife Ruth’s steadfast love and prayers, has brought Jesus’ love and salvation to millions.

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