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Did you know that more than 1,600 messages from more than six decades of Billy Graham’s evangelistic ministry are available for streaming online?

Billy Graham once said, “One of the great joys of my life has been to travel around the world and meet thousands of Christians in every country.” With this Audio Archive, thousands of people from around the world are able to access the words and messages of Billy Graham.

Among these audio files are 900 plus from Billy Graham Crusades, plus select Hour of Decision broadcasts from 1951-1974; addresses from events ranging from the Amsterdam 1986 global evangelistic summit to Graham’s final crusade in 2005; and comments of historical importance including remarks at the funeral service of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

You can search the database by specific date, location, message title or topic. This project is unique in that such a large amount of data is being shared with the public in one location. Previously, you would have to request hard files, transcripts or rely on outside sources to find Billy Graham messages for use. We hope you enjoy this resource. And, please consider partnering with us to help keep Dr. Graham’s archives free for future generations.

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  1. Thomas Shehu says:

    Very good.

  2. Everlean Hairston says:

    Yes it’s an honor & Privilege that I comment:
    Back in 50’s /70’s I was little Girl My Parents would Turn on The Legendary Billy Graham Ministry in our home. Now as An Adult some 50+ yrs later…… My Life is being radically Transformed More into The Image of JESUS CHTIST As I Listen Every single day at home or in my vehicle until 3/4/18 when Billy Graham’s Channel was taken off the air via-Radio. “Sirius XM-.145

    I Praise & Thank GOD For All those who make this possible Today .
    Blessings In HIS NAME. Edh

  3. Ronald Matthews says:

    I listen to Billy Graham for 10 hours a day while patrolling. I love hearing the word of God and his sense of humor is great! (Smile).

    Since I know he is still alive and more real than ever before I will speak of him as thou he is present. To the Graham family I thank you for sharing your wonderful farther with the world and me. God bless you and we down here in Texas love you all!

    Trooper Ron Matthews (Texas Highway Patrol)

  4. FWAMU Polycarp Fwaffah says:

    Billy Graham is a great character in Christiandom,we missed him but have hope of reunion with him again at God’s throne where we will part no more again.

  5. Deanne Ellis says:

    Looking forward to receiving information from Billy Graham

  6. Hassan Syed says:

    Spiritual Warfare prayers.

  7. Claudia De Cuyper says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart ,
    what a blessing this is …

  8. Dennis Bajanov says:

    I was 15 when I went to every meeting in Sydney Australia in 1968 & again in the 70s.Lately I’ve been listening again to Billy preaching the old sermons & again they are just as convicting now as they were then…I praise God for Billy’s life & ministy in preaching the Gospel of Jesus & his love for mankind, to the world. !

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