In Memory of Those Who Serve

May 26, 2014

Categories: Ruth Bell Graham

We are thankful for all those who serve and for those who have given their lives in service. We pray for our military, both active and retired, and the families of those fallen in combat.

This poem by Ruth Bell Graham from Clouds are the Dust of His Feet was written during World War II.


The sin-scarred
brush his white,
white robes;
the wounded
His feet
the dying
His name in prayer,
wondering sweetly
to find Him
where hell
and the sinner meet.

He took of His grace,
His infinite grace,
And soldiers wondered
to find a trace
of tears
in the grime
on a dead man’s face.
“The going
must’ve been tough,”
they said,
not knowing
that death
for a man,
forgiven by God,
is easy going.

by Ruth Bell Graham, Clouds are the Dust of His Feet (1992, Crossway Books)

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