Grady and T.W. Wilson – The Early Years

In his book “Just As I Am“, Billy Graham reminds us several times that the ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was and is a team effort. He writes, “The dedicated men and women working with us have been willing to do anything and everything. In the case Grady and T.W. Wilson, both now gone to be with the Lord, the ties go back to our youth. They were the Heaven-sent ones who propped me up …

As long as I live, I will miss having Grady Wilson at my side. From the beginning of our friendship, he was my God-given balance wheel. He left the pastorate to join our original team, helping us part of the time in our Los Angeles Crusade and coming with us permanently shortly thereafter. His easy going nature and his down-to-earth sense of humor saved the day many times. He refused to let any of us take ourselves too seriously, and his humor defused more than one strained meeting or tense situation. Through our decades together, Grady took the pulpit at times when I was sick or had laryngitis. His style was different than mine, but the Holy Spirit used him to point people to Christ.

T.W. Wilson, Grady’s older brother (who also grew up with Billy Graham), became a gifted evangelist and held city wide meetings for several years before joining the Team. In addition to the huge responsibility of accompanying Billy on all his travels, T.W. supervised the staff in the Montreat office and provided oversight to the radio stations.

In “Just As I Am” Billy writes, “I leaned on him in practical ways perhaps more than any other person.” All who had the privilege of working alongside T.W. accepted his wise counsel, appreciated his encouragement and loved his sense of humor.

To learn more of these two faithful servants of the Lord, you may read Grady’s book “Count it All Joy” and T.W.’s book “The Key to Lasting Joy.

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  1. Christopher Joseph says:

    I am interesting in aquireing these books and other items connected to that era of evangelisum by that God annointed team may God continue to BLESS the work of the ministry left by these great men of God.

  2. Christopher Joseph says:

    As I reflect on those days of the Billy Graham crusades and the tremendous Blessings it brought to thousands of people of all walks of life, and of the men who selflessly gave of there time and there life to the course of Christ, I cannot help but to reflect and pray that GOD will raise up men like those of that era,anointed to do the work of an evangelist, may GOD help us.

  3. Lewis Forsythe says:

    Thank God for all you do. God bless always .

  4. Bruce Bechhold says:

    I would love to keep updated on the ongoing work of this great organization.

    1. bglibrary says:

      Hi Bruce,
      We encourage you to sign up for BGEA emails here:
      and for Billy Graham Library emails at the bottom of this page:

  5. Carolyn Thomas says:

    I was born in Dothan, Ala. My mother’s best friend’s daughter
    married T.W. Wilson. I married a minister and left Alabama.
    Attended many Billy Graham meetings and often wonder
    where T.W. and wife were. I am now in Pa. went on line to
    see if I could find out anything. So blessed by the minister of
    the team….

  6. Harold Dooley says:

    Thank you for providing this information to learn more about one of my all time favorite Minister’s of the gospel.

  7. Christopher joseph says:

    I thank you for the short article on the Grady,s please let me know how i may obtain there books.
    Thank you.
    Much Blessings,

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