Christmas at the Library Fun Facts

December 7, 2012

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Now that the Christmas season is in full swing, we thought it would be a good time to share some interesting facts you might not know about Christmas at the Library.

Fact 1: Decorating for Christmas at the Library is nearly “a full year endeavor,” according to Joe Brandano, owner of Blue Sky Commercial Décor, the company who helps us out with our Christmas décor. In February, they review the previous year’s event, and by August, all of the decorations have been replaced or refurbished. Lights start going up after Labor Day, and in late November, all other decorations – including a nativity structure and Bedouin tent for the carolers – are in place.

Fact 2: About 40 percent of the man hours needed to decorate for Christmas at the Library are done before one piece of décor is brought out. Jobs include replacing burnt out lights, refreshing garland and trenching cords so visitors don’t trip.

Fact 3: If you’ve ever taken a carriage ride during Christmas at the Library, you know how the trees sparkle with thousands of lights. But just how many lights are there? About 200,000! That’s enough lights for about 335 Christmas trees.

Fact 4: Most venues decorate for marketing reasons, Joe Brandano said, but at the Library, decorations center around Christ. While Brandano was skeptical about having a 20-foot tree that lacks some of the “pizzazz and sparkle” of other trees, the wooden cross and star ornaments remind visitors what they are celebrating. “It is certainly one of the most beautiful trees in the country,” Brandano said, and working on it has helped Blue Sky think outside the box.

Come see for yourself! Christmas at the Library runs now through Dec. 22. Click here for all the details.

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