Celebrating 10 Years—God Never Stops Rewriting Stories

More than 1.1 million guests have visited the Billy Graham Library since its opening in 2007. Today, we’re taking a look back at one of those stories of lives touched by God through through the life and ministry of Billy Graham.

God moves in even the most unlikely places at the Billy Graham Library. Michael Robinson, a Ruth’s Attic bookstore staff member, watched as a young man searched through the shelves in the bookstore. The man paused to read a cover for a moment and then jumped to another book. When the young man came to check out, Michael smiled and engaged him in conversation. The man was silent for a moment and then asked Michael how people can know when Jesus has saved them. Michael answered by walking through the “Steps to Peace with God” booklet with the young man. Before Michael finished, the man prayed to receive Christ. The young man’s mother stood nearby the entire time, praying for him with her hands clasped.

Afterwards, Michael declared, “Even in the bookstore, God is moving and drawing people to salvation. We have to be ready when the Father draws them to us in this wonderful place.” This story is just one of thousands like it. Book signings, birthday celebrations, or bookstore browsing: whatever is going on at the Library, God is busy reaching hearts and rewriting lives.

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  1. Lianne Evans says:

    We love the bookstore staff! When we go for Biker’s with boxes each year, we look for a girl who sings for (with) us. She has a beautiful voice, such a gift from God. We are so thankful to see her there and sing with her. Thank you to all of the staff at the library that help us to enjoy it so much 🙂

  2. Hugh williamson says:

    Billy Graham is the greatest blessing God has ever given to this nation.

  3. Emily says:

    Praise be to our God for this salvation experience.
    My husband and I visited the library a couple of years ago and it was a wonderful experience.

  4. Billy White says:

    Glory To JESUS ! ! ! Awesome Story to Receive CHRIST at The Billy Graham Library ! ! 1

  5. Jack Jones says:

    Praise God! I like stories like this.

  6. Yvon van Holsteyn says:

    Dear family of Christ,
    I was always impressed by the way Billy Graham preached to the people an to the crowds. I was moved to see pres Trump spoke on the funeral and layed his hands on the wooden kist of mister Graham. My wish is to visit the Library and Grave of this great man of God. He is a rolemodel for me and many! May his lagacy stay forever until Jesus comes back! Greetings and Blessings to the family and all the workers! Yvon , Amsterdam, netherlands

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