In His Own Words: Billy Graham on Thankfulness

While “thanksgiving” celebrations date back to the 1600s, it wasn’t until 1863 during the Civil War that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that a national Thanksgiving Day would be held each November. As you observe this special time of year, here are some thoughts from Billy Graham on the topic of thankfulness.


In His Own Words: What Has Billy Graham Said About Leadership?

Throughout his ministry, Billy Graham has spoken often on the topic of leadership. Here are excerpts from one of his speeches entitled “Qualities of Leadership.” He delivered this address at a civic luncheon in Denver in 1987. He also gave similar speeches at other luncheons around the country, and the truths contained within are just as applicable today.


In His Own Words: 5 Things Billy Graham Said About…Parenting

It’s time for another “In His Own Words” post. This month, we shine the light on parenting and what Billy Graham has had to say through the years. Obviously, there’s plenty of material, but these pieces of advice were some of our favorites.