In His Own Words – Billy Graham on Faith Formation

March 22, 2014

myanswer2Q: I have been a Christian for several years. Although I still love Jesus and I feel sure that I am His child, I know I am not making any definite progress. I seem always to be treading water or marking time. Is there any simple answer to this problem that you can give?


No complete answer to so complicated a problem can be given, but I can offer some specific suggestions.

  1. Make sure you have been born again. Don’t leave any doubts about this. Of course no one can grow who is not spiritually alive.
  2. Never forget that the real source of all spiritual growth and progress is the Bible. Unless you systematically study the Bible, you cannot hope to make any true progress.
  3. Prayer is important. It is a vital part of your life with God. Prayer is your true desire, expressed or hidden. If you desire what is promised in the Bible, then there is communication with God.
  4. Obedience is the key to Bible knowledge. You don’t read the Bible to satisfy curiosity but to find the practical answer to a real problem, and when you find the answer, you act decisively upon it.
  5. Praise is essential. For every known blessing, give praise to God both privately and when fitting, publicly. Praise is the action that puts you before others as an example. Do not avoid this public display of your love for God. Follow these steps, and you will experience the change at once.


My Answer by Billy Graham (1960, Doubleday)

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