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Will Graham on Prayer

October 14, 2020

Prayer is essential to the ministry of the Billy Graham Library and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

In “The Ministry” gallery of The Journey of Faith tour, the following words are on display:

“The secret of Billy Graham’s success is based upon a spiritual foundation of seeking God’s guidance in serving Him in all things through the ministry of prayer. this is the first step in preparation for ministry and it is the last step in follow-up. Our ministry is primed through prayer; for God grants His power through the prayers of His people. It will always be our priority, and our primary source of power, in making the work possible.”

Watch Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham and son of Franklin Graham, as he shares more about the importance of prayer:

Learn more about the ongoing legacy of Billy Graham’s ministry, plan your visit to the Billy Graham Library today.

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  1. Joel Caplan

    In 1957 my mother took me to the Madison Square Garden Crusade in New York City to hear Billy Graham.
    As a nine year old, I don’t remember what Brother Graham preached…but I do remember that when “Just As I Am” was sung by the huge choir, I began weeping. That is the first time I was aware of the Lord touching my life.
    It took another fifteen years for me to bow my heart to God, and I wish I had done so a lot sooner!
    Well, my wife and I had the privilege of visiting the Billy Graham Library just a few weeks after God’s servant went home to Glory, and the experience was wonderful! As we stood at his gravesite in the beautiful gardens on the property, my eyes welled up with tears at what I can call the sacredness of that moment


    Thank you for sharing this powerful message. I treasure advice passed to me from my grandparents, parents, extended family and others that have been in my life. The most important advice came from my mother and that was to pray always. I have visited the library once and it was wonderful. Thank you each and every one for sacrificing time, money and resources to reach out to whomever walks through those doors.


    I did make it to the Billy Graham Library for one day. Wanted to return on Monday and Tuesday but did not make it. IN fact, I had maybe four different flight reservations made trying to get back to Asheville to The Cove, even tried getting to Nashville, TN. thinking maybe there was a glitch in the computer system for American Airlines which kept cancelling my flights out of Charlotte. Haha I got to know the Charlotte Airport really well through this vacation of sorts. I finally was able to get a one way flight out of Charlotte back to Florida where I live. Since arriving back home I’ve been resting up as the good Lord heals my body. No current plans to fly to Charlotte again for now.

  4. Matthew Dugan

    Thanks so much for your wonderful email and all your efforts to help make Christian life possible, please continue on your crusade against the evil one and against sin, continue please to spread the word of God and place a Bible in each household lap – although many people fear and even loath the idea of a Christian Government leading America, I embrace it, for it likely will bring about a much better government than the one we have now. At one point (before it was meddled with) the beginning of The Declaration of Independence stared “We hold these truths to be Sacred and Undeniable” – if we had kept those words our original government we probably would have a more stable and effective one today.

  5. Jessie Tharpe

    Thank you for sharing your grandfather’s vision of prayer. My wife and I did enjoy a trip to the cove in 2019 and went further to the home place and visited the library and museum. One of our most cherished weekends we have enjoyed in 46 years of marriage. Our country was blessed to have Billy Graham as our National Spiritual leader for more than 60 years. God blessed this country due to the care and compassion of people like your grandfather. We are now blessed to have your father and you trying to carry the mantle that I believe God has handed over to you. Pray for and support the ministry as we can. Thank you and God bless each one you and your families.

  6. Wesley Smith

    Thank you so much for the encouraging words on prayer! Many times us preachers forget that it is prayer that unlocks the treasure chest of heaven! God bless you and your ministry!!