Vision 2020: Will Graham’s Vision

December 8, 2020

Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, continues the work of his grandfather as he travels the world, sharing the Gospel. Additionally, as Executive Director of the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, he seeks to continue his grandfather’s vision there: “It was always (Billy Graham’s) vision to be a place to get away and get into God’s Word. I want to continue what my granddaddy started. And use technology to further that.” Will has also spoken at locations significant to his grandfather’s ministry, including Trinity College (formerly Florida Bible Institute), where Billy Graham attended. Will looks to the past in order to garner wisdom and vision for the future.

December’s archives feature is an amber-colored glass award “The Macedonian Call,” an award given for Christian character and commitment to evangelism, presented to Will Graham in 2015 by Trinity College. 

To read more about Will’s speech at Trinity College in 2015, visit:


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