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Vision 2020: Ruth Bell Graham’s Vision

July 7, 2020

Ruth Graham was not only a devoted wife and mother, she was also a prolific writer who authored and coauthored 14 books. Her vision for authentic Christian stories and poems in her book Footprints of a Pilgrim was lauded by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association with a Gold Medallion Book Award, this month’s archives feature, for best Biography/Autobiography in 2002.

One poem from Footprints of a Pilgrim explores the little blessings of life:

For all these smallnesses

I thank You, Lord:


Small children

And small needs;

Small meals to cook,

Small talk to heed,

And a small book

From which to read

Small stories;

Small hurts to heal,

Small disappointments, too,

As real

As ours;

Small glories

To discover

In bugs,




When day is through

My mind is small,

My strength is gone;

And as I gather

Each dear one

I pray, “Bless each

For Jesus’ sake—

Such angels sleeping, imps awake!”


What wears me out

Are little things:

Angels minus

Shining wings.

Forgive me, Lord,

If I have whined—

It takes so much

To keep them shined;

Yet each small rub

Has its reward,

For they have blessed me.


Thank You,


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