Ruth’s Attic Feature: Praying for America

August 5, 2020

Billy Graham once said, “We have so many battles going on in America today that we should be a people of prayer. Our government needs prayer. Our leaders need prayer. Our schools need prayer. Our youth need our prayers. Our families need our prayers.” Will you join us today in praying for our country?

Today we are sharing with you patriotic items from Ruth’s Attic bookstore, including the prayer resource “How to Pray for Our Leaders.” (“How to Pray for Our Leaders” is also available from Ruth’s Attic Online.)

Find these gifts and more at Ruth’s Attic Bookstore, located inside the Billy Graham Library.

Plan your visit to the Billy Graham Library and be sure to stop in Ruth’s Attic bookstore.

Can’t make it in? Items can also be purchased by calling 704-401-3242 or email; curbside pickup and shipping within the United States is available.

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