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As we look back on the life of Ruth Bell Graham on what would have been her 100th birthday, today we are sharing the words her husband, Billy Graham, issued following the death of his beloved wife, Ruth Bell Graham, in 2007.

I am so grateful to the Lord that He gave me Ruth, and especially for these last few years we’ve had in the mountains together. We rekindled the romance of our youth, and my love for her continued to grow deeper every day. I will miss her terribly, and look forward even more to the day I can join her in Heaven.

Ruth was my life partner, and we were called by God as a team. No one else could have borne the load that she carried. She was a vital and integral part of our ministry, and my work through the years would have been impossible without her encouragement and support.

I know that raising the children with me away so often was difficult on her, but she never complained. She provided stability for the children, and taught them to love me even though I was gone so often. She made our house a safe and happy home for the children and a real refuge for me when I would return.

She was also the spiritual teacher to our children. It was her influence more than any other that led each one to dedicate their lives to service for Christ. I am proud of all of them, but I know all the credit goes to their mother.

My wife Ruth was the person to whom I would go for spiritual guidance. She was the only one in whom I completely confided. She was a great student of the Word of God. Her life was ruled by the Bible more than any individual I have ever known. When it comes to spiritual things, my wife has had the greatest influence on my ministry – she was the greatest Christian I ever knew.

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  1. Glenda Faulkner says:

    One of the best Christian couples there ever was. They were great.

  2. Kimberly Rebman says:

    Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing your memory

  3. Delores Austin says:

    I’ve read several books by Dr. Graham and some by his dear Ruth. I have been blessed by all that I read. One of the most recent books told how he was called to preach. In her book, “Prodigals and Those Who Love Them,” I remember her steadfast love and prayers for Franklin and his siblings.

  4. Zelda Neill says:

    Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful pictures and inspiring statements. I know they are both missed greatly by their family. The world missed them and so do I. Such godly people they were. God bless!!!!

    1. Sheila Moose says:

      What an uplifting and inspiring story of Ruth Graham and Billy Graham. I cherish every word of
      their wonderful and spiritual journey with the Lord.

  5. David Surratt says:

    The world greatly benefitted by the gifts given to these two Godly people by our Almighty God.
    The world greatly mourns the loss of these two giants that so freely shared the love of Jesus Christ with everyone they met.

  6. Linda Reid says:

    I have said that Billy Graham was hand picked by God to preach the Gospel, and he had to have a wife like Ruth. I miss Billy Graham and we need him during the time we are going thru.

  7. Samantha says:

    A very beautiful couple, inside and out. I listen to Billy nearly every night on Sirius XM radio. I love his straight forward way of preaching, and because of that, I felt worthy. I never felt that way before. I felt free to come to the Lord to ask Him to help me with all of my short comings. Billy said we can’t do it on our own. Those words were a game changer for me. I love Ruth’s humor (matches mine). Most of all I love the way they loved each other and loved the Lord. thank you for all that you did here on earth. Until we meet…

  8. Ione Weiss says:

    A beautiful love story with God at the center of your lives. How blessed each one of the children are to have that type of parent. My prayers go with the children, grandchildrenThat are following in those footsteps. God bless each and everyone of you

  9. Mary Humphries says:

    What a blessing to see all the photos of Billy and Ruth Graham. I can’t begin to even imagine a marriage between two equally yoked in Christ, although that was a deep desire of mine from an early age. But, once I became a child of God at age 8 a love relationship with Jesus began. The love of God carried me for the next 62 years and through all the trials, suffering and abuse I endured He finally set me completely free after 46 years. Although I never experienced the love between a husband and wife as God intended, He gave me an unconditional love for others and especially my enemies that only was from God Himself, so I would sincerely pray for others, especially my enemies. He alone taught me how to truly love everyone.

  10. Gloria rhine says:

    I have been a follower of Billy Graham since I was a little girl. Thank you.

  11. Betty Poole says:

    I so enjoy Billy Graham one of the greatest preachers of the Gospel. God sent him a wonderful life helper.

  12. Earlene Tarleton says:

    Such a good looking wonderful couple. When they went to their heavenly home I felt as thou I had lost my grand parents. Billy Graham was the worlds #1 grandfather. The whole world new and loved this man. I was blessed to have sung in Cliff’s choir at the crusade in Charlotte 1958 I think it was. What a blessing. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of them and their love story.

  13. Pamela Orshoski says:

    Thank you for allowing us to have a peak into these personal pictures. Most I have seen before as I just love following your family over my lifetime. What a Blessing and an honor to share this as well. I am thankful the legacy lives on. What a God honoring family!

  14. Cindy Coronis says:

    Happy birthday to Mrs. Graham on this momentous occasion! My life was blessed by her life and commitment to Christ.

  15. Vonda Derushia says:

    Wonderful pictures and a loving tribute.

  16. Jeannette Martin says:

    This marriage is the model of the marriage God created marriage for as well as the model of Christ and His church. You can see the adoration in Dr. Graham’s eyes as he looks at Ruth in the last photograph when they were quite elderly. That look says it all. May God continue to bless their family in this world. I look forward to meeting them both in Heaven.

  17. HELI Larson says:

    What heartfelt comments from Billy Graham to his dear wife. She was a true woman of God , wonderful supportive wife and mother , so beautiful in and out. Strong and courageous standing by her man , believing in his calling , being the best helpmate there ever could have been. They truly loved each other , you see that in their eyes. Such wonderful source of inspiration to all of us. Their memory is precious!

  18. Karin J Traylor says:

    Thank you for this latest mailing in celebration of Ruth Graham’s birthday. She was an amazing person, and over the years I have enjoyed reading her poetry and the inspiring and encouraging things she wrote. Her legacy will continue to live on touching lives, and we are so blessed by it. No two people have touched more lives in this world than Ruth and Billy Graham, and great will be their reward in heaven.

  19. Macie Myers says:

    Thank you for sharing one of the world’s greatest love stories. What a beautiful couple. Such an inspiration to us all. Love the pictures. Some of them I have never seen before like the very last one. It truly touched my heart. I had the opportunity to visit the Library on Ruth’s birthday. Every time I go there I feel God’s spirit all around. What a blessing it is to have the Graham family here in North Carolina. May God continue to bless them and their mission.

  20. Ethel Landry says:

    Thank you for sharing. Great testimony of their marriage, etc. One day we will all meet in heaven and so much joy this will bring everyone in heaven. ♥️

  21. Brenda Lea says:

    I thank God. For the Billy Graham ministry and the way Franklin is moving it forward. He has never missed a step he just picked up and moved on spreading God’s with the BGA. God bless all of you people all over the world. I always watch everything I can find. I really want to visit BG organizations in Charlotte as soon as possible. God Blessing Pour Out on your every event. Thank You BGA

  22. Bonnye Manfredi says:

    What an inspiration this entire family has been to me, and I know to many others as well.
    I never miss an opportunity to learn more about them. The more I learn, the more I draw closer to The Lord by their examples of love, hope and encouragement.
    May The Lord our God, through his son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, continue to richly bless The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

  23. Vilma Vigo says:

    THANK YOU GRAHAM FAMILY for sharing such a beautiful family story and history. I love to read about the beautiful love relationship they had for each other. To me it shows the Godly Love first and most. GOD BLESS

  24. ROBERT M DONOVAN says:

    I have been blessed to have lived during a time I could be inspired
    and encouraged by the ministry of Billy Graham and his wife Ruth.
    I have most of his books and also Mrs. Graham’s. I was 19 when God called me to preach the Gospel. I listened every Sunday night to the Hour of Decision on the car radio as I drove back to college. I’m
    now 78 years old and still pastor of a Kentucky Baptist Church. As
    long as I’m able, I pray God will keep opening door’s for me to serve Him and His Children.

  25. Joyce Hargrove says:

    Years ago as I was teaching in our public elementary school, we were asked to give five tidbits about ourselves which would be posted during the week for a “guess who this is” activity. One of my five was to study the Bible under Billy Graham. I never got to do that but I did love watching his crusades as I was growing up and I still love to watch them as reruns today. The Word never gets old! A highlight of my young adult life was to attend a crusade with my family even though it poured rain the entire time. I got to know more about Ruth and the great inspiration she was to her husband throughout his ministry, as I visited the Billy Graham Library. What a testimony not only of their love for each other but for Jesus Christ!

  26. Cris Crisp says:

    I love the passion Billy showed for Rurh if only men today would follow his footsteps..I can only strive to be the wife..mother..best friend..partner..and Christian woman she was.

  27. Marolee B Kime says:

    What an amazing tribute (by a husband) to an amazing Follower of Christ, Daughter of God, Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Friend. I wish I would have known her. I actually wish I had known him as well. His teaching has impacted my life so much. So grateful for both of these children of God.

  28. Robert Crane says:

    Simply put, one of the world’s greatest love stories.

  29. Richard Diaz says:

    Love these pics… so heartwarming!

  30. Toun Akintonde says:

    I thank God for her life and dedication to the service of God and her husband. The legacy she left will continue to resonate for many generations to come. Her life is worthy of emulation. She is indeed a woman of faith.

  31. soma abraham says:

    Glory to God for this couple. Praise God for all the ministry that Ruth and Billy Graham did. Your reward is in heaven. Let there be such more couples in this world.

  32. Mrs. Marilyn Morris says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your memories of God’s sweetest gift. I’m anxious to spend eternity with Jesus, Ruth, and Mr. Graham who prayed for me when I gave my life to Christ in 1959, I was 6 yrs old. See you inside the pearled gate! Praise God in everything. We listen all day long to BGEA on Sirius XM radio. Greatest channel on there.(460) I long to serve with you. Thank you for your time spent to reach the lost!

  33. Karon B Whitmire says:

    Such an inspiring woman. Rev. Graham and Ms. Ruth were such an encouragement to me as well as the world. If the world had more Billy & Ruth Graham, the world would be a much better place. Thank you for sharing your parents with us all. God Be The Glory in all that the Billy Graham ministry does.

  34. John DeMarsico says:

    Beautiful remembrance of them

  35. Jon Peterson says:

    It’s difficult to find individuals that have passed that we can all admire but Billy & Ruth Graham are two of them. Their devotion to Jesus Christ was an inspiration & unquestionable.

  36. Leslie Noss says:

    Such a blessing to open this email this morning. As I struggle with the death of my husband, I identify with Rev. Graham’s first comment about rekindling romance. My husband went to be with the Lord, seven months after he retired. We spent every moment of those seven months together, and rekindled our love story. We had a ministry together, and to carry on alone is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but God’s grace surrounds me, as I continue to carry on our legacy. Thank you for sharing; I needed this, this morning.

  37. Roberta Penwell says:

    How beautiful to see the relationship with your parents. I am so grateful for the individual examples that they gave with their steadfastness, to each other and to the Lord. How glorious to know how much the Bible meant to each of them.
    I believe that I can say that the “Billy Graham Library” is my favorite place to visit. I am from Ohio so I can’t be there too often, but one time I was there walking on the grounds with no one there but a gardener. I sat on the bench at your mother’s gravesite and stillness was a blessing thinking on our Lord and grateful for your mother. Your father was still living.

    Thank you for letting me share. I pray for you and the ministries that are continuing.
    Most grateful !

  38. Barbara W Kamm says:

    What a beautiful woman, and help mate. God truly put you two together. We love your family and enjoyed the Cove and BG Library. Your influence carries on through your children’s witness for Christ and their ministries. Blessings.

  39. Frances Skye says:

    I thank God for Billy and Ruth Graham. I have visited the library and contribute to the ministry.

  40. Tremain Lovering says:

    Ruth Graham was a godly woman whom all ladies can draw encouragement from. God bless the ministry of BGEA.

  41. Mrs. Martha Meeker says:

    I was so influenced by both Billy and Ruth my whole life. Amazing folks, the BOTH of them.
    I felt a great loss when they passed. Some of GOD’s most precious saints!

  42. Ruth W. Farris says:

    Thank you so much for honoring her in such a beautiful way. I am thankful I got to visit library in 2017. Dream come true. Thanks for standing Bro. Billy Graham’s saying. I truly Loved Ruth, she was such a Biblical lady.

  43. Billie Rich says:

    This entire family has been a tremendous influence on my Christian walk. I read everything that I could find about Ruth through the years and let her be my mentor that she never knew. May God continue to use Billy and Ruth’s memories for eternity.
    Thank you, Billy, for never defacing the reputation of our Beloved Jesus.

  44. Edith Parks says:

    Love the pictures
    and the love that I see in them. My most respected couple.

  45. Cilla gentry says:

    I so loved Ruth’s book Footprints of a Pilgrim. All of her writings and poetry are so true and heartfelt. She was always a very pretty lady. True class and a heart of gold. Everyone should read books from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
    I have many books in my collection from BGEA and I treasure them and refer to them often. Ruth’s book she wrote about growing up in China was so good.
    There will never be another Billy or Ruth Graham. I’m so glad we have his sermons yet and books to be revitalized and renewed by.

  46. Karen Farabaugh says:

    What a beautiful and loving testimony to a life well lived. What a blessing it would have been to be raised by two God loving people such as Billy and Ruth.

  47. Jan Hinkle says:

    What a blessing to see these sweet pictures. Love to read Ruth’s books.

  48. Sherry Harris says:

    I so loved Ruth and Billy Graham. They were such an inspiration to me and my family. we loved their devotion to God and family!
    We miss them and look forward to being with them in heaven!

  49. carolyn jane mainord says:

    I’m thankful for the life they both lived and hope I can only be a little like them both as I follow Christ. I’m looking forward to seeing them both in heaven!

  50. Shirley Frees says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. My husband and our children always watched his sermons on T V.
    God bless you and thank you for all you do.

  51. Dave MacNaughton says:

    Thank you God for two very devoted and effective Christians.
    I was given the gift of salvation through listening to many of / going to one of Billy Graham’s memorable sermons, just like hundreds of thousands of other people.
    The love that Billy and Ruth shared was as honest and loving as two people can have.
    An example to us all.
    They both wore many hats and now they are in Heaven basking in God’s truth.
    Rest in peace Ruth and Billy.

  52. Martha Barnes says:

    Thank You for sharing the pictures of them. And all the statements. I miss both of them. God Bless You.

  53. Jon Gatyas says:

    Thanks for your great pictures! Sorry about your loss, but she is in heaven with our Lord Jesus! God bless you & your ministry!

  54. Verna Feather says:

    Thank you for sharing these photos and comments. It is a great testimony of both their lives and Christian ministry. I have been to Crusades in Pittsburgh and Chicago. Each December I visit the Billy Graham Library during the week while volunteering for
    Operation Christmas Child. Alway an amazing visit and remembering Billy’s preaching God’s Word.

  55. Alicia Gauna says:

    Ruth Bell Graham was truly a woman of God, created by God and transformed by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to be an inspirational and loving wife to one of the greatest, yet humblest men of God I have ever known. Even as a young girl, as her writings clearly showed, she prayed and asked God for such a man as Billy Graham who would have the same desires as she had to serve the Lord. She helped her husband through her humility, her encouragement, her perseverance, her strong convictions yet gentle spirit in Christ, to pursue and fulfill his purpose, as he gave himself fully to the Lord and preached the Gospel of Christ to mankind. TO GOD BE THE GLORY for the lives of these two beautiful souls!!

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