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Mondays with Maury: Insights from Billy Graham’s Personal Assistant

We are excited to launch our new series: Mondays with Maury.

Maury Scobee was Billy Graham’s personal assistant for more than 40 years, and he has a wealth of stories about the Graham family. Watch below as Maury talks about the home Billy grew up in, as well as the woman he married: Ruth Bell Graham.

Check back in a couple weeks for another segment of “Mondays with Maury.”


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  1. Kathy LeTourneau says:

    I am so happy to hear Maury today. Thank you so much all of you.

  2. Miles Morgan says:

    This is an excellent idea! It has been my honor to know Maury for 35 years.
    His insight to what Ruth and Billy Graham, plus the Graham family is so valuable.
    Ruth and Billy are in Heaven. However, Maury keeps them very much alive with his stories.
    Thank you for airing this video. I look forward to more stories from Maury. Congratulations and God bless Maury for taking time to do these important stories.

  3. Linda Spillars says:

    Thank you

  4. Stephen Ridgway says:

    Awesome!!! Makes me feel warm inside to hear stories about Billy.

  5. Ann Forrest Watkins says:

    I admired the Grahams and was so inspired by them.

  6. Sara Curtice says:

    Such a lovely ‘peek’ into Ruth Graham’s life. What a precious Christian woman, wife, mother and grandmother!
    Thank you!

  7. Peg Burns says:

    Thank you! Wonderful idea. Too short 🙂 Thank you for the glimpse. God bless your work.

  8. Robert Hill Bob Durham says:

    I have not seen Maury in a number of years. I met him in Texas before he worked for the Grahams. Thanks for this insight in this first Mondays with Maury. At his home in Montreat, I stayed overnight once. “I have given my life to serve the Grahams,” Maury told me once, at the chapel where Billy and Ruth married years ago. Maury was a great blessing to Billy and Ruth, I am sure. I never spoke to Ruth or Billy. Beautiful fall weather here in the Philadelphia suburbs. -Robert Durham

  9. Jeneen Hall says:

    What a wonderful segment! I look forward to more of Maury’s memories.

  10. Tim Gibson says:

    When I worked at the Gate House at the Cove, I would greet Maury many times as he came thru the gates in his work at the Graham home. He would be running errands or transporting guest or other workers at Montreat. Maury always had a smile and it was a delight to see him when his work brought him to The Cove.

  11. Dale Brown says:

    Thanks for the video

  12. judy anderson says:

    Hope to see/read a book someday, Maury. My forever friend, never doubt your Place in this World

    xoxo jude

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