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Meet the Team: George Wilson

December 4, 2019

George Wilson was integral in the formation of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

In 1950, Billy Graham was approached about starting a radio program, and in one night $25,000 was donated towards the start of this program. Having never asked for donations towards the radio show, Billy Graham was astounded at God’s abundant provision and guidance. He frantically called George Wilson, who then filed the paperwork to incorporate the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

“The incorporation papers required a statement of purpose. George put it in simple and direct language: ‘To propagate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by any and all… means.’ That was our purpose up to that time, and since that time it has continued to be our purpose.”

-Billy Graham, Just As I Am

Before managing the business-end of BGEA, Wilson worked at Northwestern Schools while Billy Graham was the president of Northwestern (the youngest college president in U.S. history at the time).

Wilson’s signature also appears in this month’s archive feature, the Minneapolis Youth for Christ Affiliation Charter. The certificate bears the signatures of George Wilson and Torrey Johnson, with a seal indicating the year of 1945, five years before the official start of BGEA.

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