Footprints of a Pilgrim Giveaway

In honor of what would have been Ruth Bell Graham’s 100th birthday, we are giving away some items that remind us of Ruth from Ruth’s Attic bookstore at the Billy Graham Library. The giveaway includes:

  • “Footprints of a Pilgrim” by Ruth Bell Graham
  • “Inspire: Proverbs” coloring book
  • Ruth Graham’s Scripture cards
  • A “Pray More Worry Less” wooden word art decor
  • Plush “Pack Rat”

To enter to receive the “Footprints of a Pilgrim giveaway,” share in the comments below how Ruth Graham’s ministry has inspired your life. One winner will be chosen randomly from comments received at https://billygrahamlibrary.org/blog-footprints-of-a-pilgrim-giveaway before Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET. No purchase necessary. Odds of winning depend on the number of comments received. Void where prohibited. U.S. only.

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  1. JingJing Lin says:

    Ruth and her family had been a great blessing to the Chinese people, and I am inspired to ask God to use my life to bless others in deeper ways.

    I love her devotion to the Lord and how her children found her relationship with God so contagious.

    I love her scrapbook for collection of her favorite quotations, which motivates me.
    One of the quotations says: “If marriage is to be a success, one should obviously begin by marrying the right person.” This encourages me to wait for the right one and don’t lose patience to settle. Seeing how much she supported Billy and had been such an influence to Billy, I want to prepare myself in every way that I could be like her to some degree when I marry to the right person one day.


    Kindest of the heart, eyes shining like stars, a smile like the sun that completely warms the soul. Ms. Ruth the most deserving angel in Heaven. We miss you dearly, but your love still carries on. May God Bless You.

  3. Elizabeth Patton says:

    I share a birthday with Ruth Bell Graham.While I’m not (quite!) 100 years old, Mrs. Graham and I also share a love of words. And Jesus! In 2007, as a brand new Christian, I had a hunger to find fiction & prose that was God-honoring. During a visit to the Cove, I bought a copy of “My Laughing Fire”, a book of poetry by Mrs. Graham. I was instantly captivated! Who was this sensitive poet? How could this famous lady understand the challenges of marriage, child-raising, & rebellious teenagers? In those pages, I found a complete woman.This was no cardboard saint, but a person who loved deeply, struggled mightily and loved the Lord with all her heart. Lord, let me be that kind of woman!

  4. jill simmons says:

    Love the Library & gift shop.
    Ruth was a steady & unwavering support to Billy Graham while raising children. She is a Godly example to all of us.

  5. Tammy says:

    Want a wonderful mate God provided to Billy Graham in precious Ruth. She supported his calling and took care of things on the home front so he could do what he felt he needed to do. What a calling Ruth had as well.

  6. Jhanna Bryson says:

    Ruth Graham inspires me in the way she studied her Bible and was so close to the Lord that she seemingly had no insecurities. I want to be that kind of a woman. She was beautiful anyway and had a lovely smile, but what made her strikingly gorgeous was her big love for the Lord.

  7. Laura McClung says:

    I was caring for my younger brother who has since passed away. I would read some of Ruth Graham’ s poems and they were very inspirational, so uplifting while spending so much time in hospitals. I had planned a trip to library and had to cancel due to his illness. Then I was able to go for Billy Graham’ s 100th birthday celebration.

  8. Kim Terrazas says:

    Ruth was a woman of God. Ruth was glued to her Bible all her life. She jotted down notes in her Bibles. She had not given up her faith. She clung to God. She was a very inspiring and strong woman. Thank you, God, for using Billy and Ruth for a great purpose and a reason on earth. They shared their God’s Word to all over the world.

  9. Karen Lynn says:

    It was my grandfather that told me about Billy and Ruth Graham as a little girl. He had been to see Billy Graham years earlier and still listened to his words until he passed away a few years ago. I loved the poetry by Ruth Graham. One to note was “The Man I Prayed For” and another “Time to Adore” is special to me. I strive to be more like Ruth.

  10. Sandra Adams says:

    I have a book of her poems. They inspire me. She reminds of my mom who wrote poems. My mom is now in Heaven with Ruth.

  11. Judy says:

    Ruth Graham’s ministry is two fold for me. I am an “Old school” high school math teacher and on March 18 when we were told we had to teach from home using technology, my world was rocked. The faith that I thought could withstand anything was tested to the core. But this ministry has helped me realize not how strong I am but how strong my God is. Now looking forward to the fall, I know my God had this in his hands and I can do anything through him. The other part is that Ruth Graham reminds me so much of my mother that I lost 19 years ago. There Is no ministry for my mom but I feel like I can remember and celebrate her through the Ruth Graham ministry. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. This ministry is a God given Blessing.

  12. Austin Beavers says:

    Ruth Graham has I’mpacted my life through her ministry of writing. Ruth Grahams life and ministry has encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. Her love for people and for reaching out to people in a broken world has made an impact and it was encouraged me to want to reach out to others with the Love of Jesus.

  13. Debbie Galloway says:

    I love Ruth’s answer to how she wanted to be remembered after she had gone to heaven. She said to remember her as salt. She hopes she leaves people thirsty for the living waters of Jesus. Billy Graham spoke often about how his wife inspired and encouraged him in his walk with the Lord. Such a Godly woman!! Full of love and kindness for everyone. Oh how she loved the Lord. She was a great example for all women to aspire to. I want to be that kind of woman.

  14. Cynthia Hollifield says:

    I remember a lot of stories about Mrs. Graham, her warmth and her genuine love of the Lord. When I would see her on TV, the joy of her spirit showed clearly. And of course the twinkle in her eye showed her fun side as well. I love the picture of her writing in the attic. For me, she was an example of how God can be shown to us by the love we can have for one another. I love that I have Mrs. Graham’s example in my life.

  15. Kay Schmitt says:

    I first loved Ruth’s spirit through Franklin’s book
    Rebel with a Cause And after reading her books and poetry, I knew we were kindred spirits.!
    Her love of God, of life, of family were contagious . Her sense of humor, her joy and lightness were lights for other Pilgrims.

  16. Wanda says:

    Ruth has inspired me to have faith in the Lord at all times and to put His word first in my life. She is a great spiritual role model.

  17. Melissa Campbell says:

    As a young mother of three children (ages 8, 6, and 2), I have looked to Ruth Bell Graham as a spiritual mother of sorts. Her writings and her life have inspired me many times when I have felt weak as a mother and in need of some motherly advice myself. I love reading about how she lived her faith with her children. The memories they share of her are so precious and inspire me to live my faith in such a way in front of my children. I’m so grateful for such a woman of faith to learn from.

  18. Ramona Jackson says:

    I wish I would have known of Ruth Graham before she passed. I am a fairly new believer of Jesus Christ the last 15 years. What a follower of Jesus Christ she was and is rejoicing in the presence of the Lord. I have been to the Cove and to the Billy Graham Library. How you can feel the spirit of the Lord there. I would love to learn more about Ruth Graham.

  19. Pamela G. Edwards says:

    I grew up listening to & watching Billy Graham on TV, we never missed watching. Mrs. Graham was an exceptional lady & example of a Christian. She, in my opinion, was a great example of who you wanted to be. She was & still is a blessing to so many. Thank you Ruth for being who you were & inspiring us to be more through God.

  20. Diane Beatty says:

    Love Billy and Ruth 🥰🥰

  21. Becky Robinson says:

    Ruth Bell Graham was a fine lady who was a follower of God. She reminds me of my Grandmother (My Mom’s Mom) whom always read her Bible in bed at night right before she went to sleep. Ruth did such a great job at spreading the Word of God & inspiring others to come to God. And she was a blessing to so many, including her family & she helped Billy Graham spread the Word. Ruth Bell Graham always makes the inspiration of God so enjoyable & educational.

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