Cliff Barrows: The Ministry of Music

September 13, 2023

Cliff Barrows, 1967

Since the start of Billy Graham’s Crusades, Cliff Barrows was a vital part of the ministry through his gifting in music. He was able to lead thousands of people in different avenues of worship through his time of traveling with Billy Graham to different countries, and states.

Billy Graham shares from his autobiography, Just As I Am,

“From the moment I met Cliff Barrows, I knew he had a rare combination of strengths. He loves music, and he knows also the importance of music in touching the hearts of an audience… but all of that talent is not the secret of Cliff’s effectiveness. It is his humility and his willingness to be a servant, which spring from his devotional life and his daily walk with Christ. The love of Christ so monopolizes his heart and will that he never seeks his own advantage at the expense of others or puts another person down.”

On top of singing and playing the trombone, Cliff Barrows had a hobby of playing the harmonica – something small that could be carried in his pocket and used to share the love of God through music with anyone he would encounter.

Watch this video clip from 1998 of Cliff Barrows in Sarajevo sharing the joy of music through playing the harmonica with a young boy.

Cliff Barrow’s Harmonicas

The harmonicas that Cliff Barrows used over the years are part of the memorabilia that is inside The Journey of Faith tour. Plan your visit to the Library today to learn more about the life and ministry of Billy Graham and his team!

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