Billy Graham’s Homegoing: 2 Years Ago – Roy Graham’s Role in Honoring His Grandfather

February 20, 2020

Roy Graham with his grandfather, Billy Graham


When Billy Graham passed away on February 21, 2018, an outpouring of support came from around the globe. As part of the memorial proceedings to celebrate Billy Graham’s life, Billy Graham laid in repose in his childhood homeplace, located on the grounds of the Billy Graham Library. He was also honored to be the fourth private citizen to lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. Presidents, dignitaries and the common man all lined up to pay their respects to the “evangelist to the world.”

Over 13,000 people paid their respects to Billy Graham during his Lie in Repose at the Billy Graham Library


During the lie in repose, mourners passed by the casket to salute Billy Graham’s impact on their lives. Roy Graham, grandson of Billy Graham and son of Franklin Graham, greeted each person who came. He shook their hands, thanking them for taking time to come and for supporting his grandfather’s ministry. Over the course of two days at the Graham Family Homeplace, Roy Graham personally greeted over 13,000 people, and the day Billy Graham laid in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, Roy greeted thousands more. Many of those thousands told Roy of the exact time and place when Billy Graham brought them an understanding of God’s plan of salvation through his Crusade ministry.

Roy Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, greets those who came to pay their respects during the Lie in Repose at the Graham Family Homeplace


Watch a 2-minute video of Library visitors sharing their memories of Billy Graham.


Billy Graham was only the 4th private citizen to lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda
Thousands of people visited the Rotunda where he laid in honor

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