Billy Graham’s Birthday Gifts from Over the Years

November 7, 2019

On November 7, what would have been Billy Graham’s 101st birthday, we remember the courageous life he lived. Since the day he felt the Lord calling him to ministry, Billy Graham ran after the path God set before him, going into the nations and preaching the Gospel to nearly 215 million people at hundreds of Crusades, missions and evangelistic rallies.

Mr. Graham formed relations with people from all over the world. He was a caring husband, father, and grandfather. He provided spiritual counseling to more than 10 U.S. presidents. In every city he visited, he spread the love of Jesus Christ to everyone he encountered.

Because of the intentional care and Christ-like love he showed to everyone around him, it is no surprise that Billy Graham was loved and respected in return. We see a glimpse of this in the many birthday gifts he received over the years. In honor of this special day, we’re taking a look back at some of the birthday gifts Mr. Graham has received.

1978: Handmade Metal Sculpture of a Church

This small metal sculpture was handmade in Huancayo, Peru by Quechua Indians. It was given to Billy Graham on November 7, 1978 in honor of his 60th birthday by  a Billy Graham Evangelistic Associatio (BGEA) Board member Charlie Morgan of Miami, FL.

1983: Cartoon Card from BGEA

This birthday card, complete with a cartoon drawing of Billy Graham, was given to Mr. Graham by the BGEA employees in honor of his 65th birthday.
The signatures of the BGEA employees in 1983.

1988: A Golden Medal from Russia

This golden medal was given to Billy Graham in Zagorsk, Russia by Patriarch Pimen in honor of Mr. Grahams 70th birthday. The medal is in a green box with the number “70” on the cover.

1990: A Birthday Card from Hong Kong

This birthday card was given to Billy Graham in November, 1990 during a visit to Hong Kong, China.

1995: A Plaque from the Ad-Hoc Committee of Global Mission

This plaque, displaying the crest of Puerto Rico, was given to Billy Graham in 1995 by the Ad-Hoc Committee of Global Mission. The bottom of the plaque reads, “Happy 75th Birthday Dr. Billy Graham.”

1995: You’re Only Old Once!


Mr. Grahams wife, Ruth Bell Graham, was widely known for her sense of humor. For his 77th birthday, Billy Graham was given a Dr. Seuss book titled, You’re Only Old Once! from Ruth.
The inscription reads, “To Bill, on his 77th! My love, Ruth.”

1998: 80th Birthday Picture

This framed glass picture was given to Billy Graham by Mary Catherine Stebner of Largo, FL for his 80th birthday. the picture shows the number “80” made from pennies dated 1918-1998.

1998: Birthday Card from BGEA Staff

This large birthday card was given to Billy graham in November, 1998 by the Minneapolis office staff of BGEA.
Signatures from the Minneapolis office staff of BGEA in 1998.

2013: North Carolina State Flag

This North Carolina state flag was given to Billy Graham in honor of his 95th birthday. He received the flag from Nathan Ramsey, a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

2017: Painted Sea Scallop Shell

Painted with a picture of a lighthouse, this sea scallop shell was received by the Billy Graham Library on behalf of Billy Graham in honor of his 99th birthday. The shell was given by fisherman Bruce Powell.

2017: Painted Sunrise Picture

This painting of the sunrise at the mountains was created by Ben Kolster, a 17 year old student attending the North Florida School of Special Education. He created his “masterpiece” for Billy Grahams 99th birthday. The Scripture verse on the back of the painting, Psalm 121:1, reads, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.”

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