Billy Graham: A Voice of Hope in Crisis – Neglect of Older People

October 30, 2020

Billy Graham was known as an evangelist to world leaders and presidents, yet he also spent time sharing the Gospel in villages, towns, and cities across the globe. From the Cold War to Vietnam to 9/11, Billy Graham would be a voice of hope during crisis, preaching to more than 215 million people during more than 70 years of ministry. We have been sharing some of these messages – today’s message was given by Billy Graham on this day in 1988, addressing the need to care for those who are aging.

One of the great sins of America is the neglect of older people.

Someone has said it is a full-time job to be old and poor.

There are many like that, and the church ought to be doing something about them and looking after them. Every believer has this responsibility.

Society often does not have room for the elderly. They are ostracized, excommunicated, expelled like contagious lepers, and no longer considered full members of the human community. Many families do not want to take care of the older people in their family so we send them off to some other place.

But, according to the Scriptures we all have a responsibility to widows, to the older people in our churches and in our communities.

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