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ARCHIVES FEATURE: Tedd Smith—Musical Talent

March 5, 2023

Tedd Smith at the Amsterdam Conference 1986

Tedd Smith was an integral part of the original Billy Graham Crusade team. His diligence and attention to detail were a significant contribution to the team; but his musical genius would inspire millions across the globe, even if they weren’t aware of the ever-humble gentleman at the keyboard at the Billy Graham Crusades.

Before a Crusade ever happened in a city, Tedd Smith would travel with George Beverly Shea to perform a concert at the location. These concerts got the local people excited about the upcoming Crusade and gave them a sneak preview of what was to come.

Program for an “Evening of Sacred Music” done prior to the Billy Graham Crusade in a city

Tedd Smith also was the composer for the score of the World Wide Pictures film, The Hiding Place. Many believed he should have won a Grammy for his efforts. The new Billy Graham Archive and Research Center has an original copy of this score.

The original score for the World Wide Pictures film The Hiding Place, composed by Tedd Smith

Tedd Smith also traveled with Billy Graham to Vietnam during Christmas 1968 to support the U.S. troops stationed there. He played the piano as the soldiers joined in worship to sing hymns including “Joy to the World” and “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”

Program featuring Tedd Smith as the pianist at a special Christmas worship service with the U.S. troops stationed in Long Binh, Vietnam in 1968

Tedd Smith was the final remaining original Billy Graham team member when he passed away in February 2023. He will always be remembered for his musical talent, but it was his quiet, humble nature and willingness to serve wherever he went that are the hallmarks of his legacy.

Front row (L to R): George Beverly Shea, Billy Graham, Cliff Barrows; Back row (L to R): Grady Wilson, Tedd Smith

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