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Meet and Greet with Anne Graham Lotz

On Thursday, October 3, the Billy Graham Library hosted a meet and greet with Anne Graham Lotz in promotion of her new book, Jesus in Me.

“Jesus in me is the person of the Holy Spirit,” she explained. “[This book] is a memoir of my experience with the Holy Spirit.”

Within the pages of Jesus In Me, Lotz explores the person, power and purpose of the Holy Spirit. She includes Biblical insights and personal stories about His constant companionship through her recent trials.

“While I do not claim that I can even begin to know all there is to know about Him, I am learning to enjoy and trust Him more and more,” she wrote.

Dozens of people came to meet Anne Graham Lotz, where many took a moment to express their gratitude for her ministry.

The day began with an interview recorded by Sirius XM, where Lotz walked the audience through her process of writing her book and the meaning behind the title.
Following the interview, a meet and greet with Anne Graham Lotz was held.
Groups of friends gathered to grab a copy of Jesus in Me.
Lotz spent time conversing and praying with all who came.
Friends of all ages came out to the Library to meet Anne Graham Lotz.
On Thursday evening, Lotz also spoke at a sold out dinner hosted by the Billy Graham Library.

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Order your copy of Jesus In Me

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  1. Billie Hanson says:

    My husband & I are on our way to The Cove right now! We left Boise, ID early this morning, and are waiting for our connection. Can’t wait!
    May GOD continue to bless Anne Graham Lotz & all of you there. ♥️

    P.S. We will be sitting under Pastor Lutzer’s teaching this weekend. Would love to see Anne, too! Next time ?.
    Please tell her she is in our prayers.

  2. Millie Leone says:

    God bless ?? ? Ann Graham Lotz!

  3. Michael E Rogers says:

    God bless you Anne. My wife Kelly and I will keep you in our prayers.

  4. Sharon Daniels says:

    God bless you my Sister-In -Christ…

  5. Chaplain Helen Hershman says:

    “Jesus In Me” Is an incredible book. Clearly you can see the Holy Spirit speaking, working, and providing insight through Anne’s experiences and her well written words.. I have no doubt the Holy Spirit put his stamp of approval on this beautifully and humbly written book. If you want to get to know and lean on, and stand in the presence of the Holy Spirit, if you want to know Jesus more intimately-this book is for you.

  6. Cheryl Gabanic says:

    Anne Graham Lotz came to Cleveland OH many years ago to speak at a women’s conference. Just Give Me Jesus was her most recently published book then. What an inspirational preacher! Dr. Graham’s legacy lives on in you to be sure. I had been to see him in 1994 in Cleveland Municipal Stadium for 3 of the 5 nights of his crusade. God bless you, Anne, as you carry on in the Lord’s service and may God give you strength and healing. You are a voice we need so much to hear! Thank you.

  7. Joe Dsouza says:

    Praise God.

  8. Jan. Hinkle says:

    So sweet, I could feel the presence of God. May God bless you AGL

  9. Gloria Gewinner-Ide says:

    Hello, Anne
    My husband and I were at the Library a week ago. We live in St. Louis, MO, and wish we lived closer, so we could visit more often. I know what you are going through with chemo and will be praying for you, just as someone at the Library did for me during our visit. I’ve found peace and joy in whatever comes, knowing our loving God is with me every step on my journey during chemo for ovarian cancer. Love and best thoughts for a complete recovery.

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