A Heartfelt Meeting at the Library

May 19, 2021

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L to R: Tammy, Bobby, Jody, John

Five years ago, Bobby came to the Billy Graham Library’s prayer room to pray that one day he might be matched with the new heart he so desperately needed. That call finally came in March 2019 when an unfortunate accident led to the death of a young man named William (Bill) in Michigan. Bill was a registered organ donor, a decision that changed Bobby’s life and so many others.

Today, Bobby and his wife Tammy met Bill’s parents at the Billy Graham Library, a place where he had come for prayer multiple times as he awaited a new heart. They shared stories, laughed together, and cried together. The two couples feel connected in a way that they couldn’t put into words. “We couldn’t resist coming to meet Bobby. We wanted to know where Bill’s heart went,” shared Bill’s father, John.

Bill’s decision to register as a donor ultimately saved seven lives through organ donations and gave his parents a measure of peace even through the grief and pain of losing their son. Bill’s mother, Jody, described meeting Bobby and taking The Journey of Faith tour as “rest for the weary.”

John and Jody stressed the value of being an organ donor and gave glory to God that Bobby could sit in front of them with their son’s heart beating inside of him. Bobby is so thankful for the new chance at life he has received through the thoughtful decision Bill made to become a donor.

The Library has also become a special place for Bobby’s wife, Tammy. She recalled the moment she had in the Library’s prayer room two years ago when Bobby was recovering from the heart transplant surgery. “I felt a peace after being prayed for,” exclaimed Tammy. Their prayers have been answered and they wanted to share the Library with Bill’s family, a place that has come to mean so much to them.

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