10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Truth

March 10, 2021

“Jesus answered, ‘I Am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me’” (John 14:6).

Read 10 quotes from Billy Graham on Truth:

The Holy Spirit can take God’s Word of truth and minister it to our deepest needs.

It is far better to know God’s Truth than to be ignorant of it.

Honesty means exactly what it says. We are honest and trustworthy in all our dealings. People can trust our word, because we refuse to lie or shade the truth.

If our minds and hearts are not filled with God’s Truth, something else will take His place: cynicism, occultism, false religions and philosophies, drugs—the list is endless.

Where there is truth and error there is always compromise. Within some churches there is movement to reshape the Christian message to make it more acceptable to man.

Truth is timeless. Truth does not differ from one age to another, from one people to another from geographical location to another…the great all-prevailing Truth stands for time and eternity.

Because truth is unpopular does not mean that it should not be proclaimed.

Our emotions can lie to us, and we need to counter our emotions with truth.

I have met men who are habitual liars. They have lied so long that they no longer can distinguish between the truth and a lie. Their sensitivity to sin has been almost completely deadened.

It is Satan’s purpose to steal the seed of truth from your heart by sending distracting thoughts…The difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is: though they both may have good and evil thoughts, Christ gives His followers strength to select the right rather than the wrong.

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