10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Prayer

May 7, 2020


Billy Graham once said, “Sometimes I’m asked to list the most important steps in preparing for an evangelistic mission, and my reply is always the same: prayer . . . prayer . . . prayer.”

Here are 10 quotes from Billy Graham on prayer.

“Prayers have no boundaries. They can leap miles and continents and be translated instantly into any language.”

“Prayer should not be merely an act, but an attitude of life.”

“We can change the course of events if we go to our knees in believing prayer.”

“Prayer is the Christian’s greatest weapon.”

“You cannot afford to be too busy to pray.”

“Before prayer changes others, it first changes us.”

“At its deepest level, prayer is fellowship with God: enjoying His company, waiting upon His will, thanking Him for His mercies . . . listening in the silence for what He has to say to us.”

“Nothing can replace a daily time spent alone with God in prayer. We can also be in an attitude of prayer throughout the day – sitting in a car or at our desks, working in the kitchen, even talking with someone on the phone.”

“Pray because Christ died to give us access to the Father. Pray because God is worthy of our praise. Pray because we need His forgiveness, cleansing, guidance, and protection. Pray because others need our prayers.”

“Prayer is our lifeline to God.”


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