10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Parenting

May 14, 2019

In between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we’d like to share with you some quotes from Billy Graham on the topic of parenting.

“Love your children—and let them know you love them. Children who experience love find it far easier to believe God loves them.”

“Children respect discipline. They want to be guided. It gives them a sense of belonging, a sense of security.”

”Children do need the guidance of their parents, and we guide them more by the example we set than by any other way. We need to be firm and sane and fair and consistent—and, above all, we need to discipline in a spirit of love.”

“It may shock some parents to learn that we don’t own our children. God has given them to us in trust…however, God may transfer our children to His home at any time.”

“Our lives speak loudly to those around us, especially the children in our home.”

“One of the worst things we can do is allow our children to grow up thinking they don’t need to keep any rules. A spoiled child becomes a spoiled adult.”

“Children will learn far more by watching than by just listening.”

“Children must be taught obedience just as much as they need to be taught to read and write.”

“Someday your children will leave; you can’t hold on to them or control them forever, nor should you.”

“Parents, pray that God may crown your home with grace and mercy.”

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