10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Living the Christian Life

October 10, 2022

Billy Graham preached for more than 70 years about following Christ, but what does it mean to truly live the Christian life?

Read 10 quotes from Billy Graham about what it takes to live the authentic Christian life:

Authentic Christian living has its own order of priority in our lives; God first, others second, self third.

All believers are called to be holy in mind, body, and spirit (1 Peter 1:15).

If we are living according to what we believe, we may be falsely accused.

Make it your goal to become more like Christ by refusing to let sin have its way, and pursuing instead that which is pure and good in the sight of God.

There must be no discrepancy between what we say and what we do, between our walk and our talk.

I am engaged in spiritual warfare every day. I must never let down my guard—I must keep armed.

“Being” is far more important than “doing.” When we are what we should be inside, we will bring forth fruit.

Submission… involved getting rid of everything which hinders God’s control over our lives.

Whatever is unlike Christ in conduct, speech, or disposition grieves the Spirit of grace.

To be Spirit-filled is to be controlled or dominated by the Spirit’s presence and power.

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