10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Glorifying God

January 8, 2021

During an event in 2010 celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), Rev. Billy Graham shared this message:

“The thing that I remember most from all these years is that our God answers prayers,” said Graham. “We did all of this for only one reason– to glorify Christ, to present the person of the Lord Jesus Christ to people who needed Him.”

Today, the BGEA and the Billy Graham Library continue this mission – to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through every effective means. “All the glory goes to the Lord.”

Read what Billy Graham had to say about glorifying God:

We glorify Christ when we live for God—trusting, loving and obeying Him.

What greater glory can we anticipate than to stand before the throne of God, to humble ourselves before His great and incomparable majesty.

Everything we do should glorify God!

One of the bonuses of being Christian is the glorious hope that extends out beyond the grave into the glory of God’s tomorrow.

When one bears suffering faithfully, God is glorified and honored.

Our dress, our posture, our actions should all be for the honor and glory of Christ. Much of our talk as Christians is secular, not spiritual. It is easy to fall into conversational conformity of the world and spend an evening discussing politics, new cars, and the latest entertainment. We often forget that we are to edify one another with holy conversation and that our conversation should be on heavenly, and not exclusively on earthly things.

Our voices, our service, and our abilities are to be employed, primarily, for the glory of God.

Prayer serves a dual purpose; the blessing of man and the glory of God.

We glorify God by living lives that honor Him.

One of the joys of heaven…will be discovering the hidden ways that God in His sovereignty acted in our lives on earth to protect and guide us [that we might] bring glory to His name, in spite of our frailty.

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