10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Family

December 28, 2018

Though Billy Graham was often traveling, he spent intentional time with his family and loved them well. Here are a few quotes from him on that topic.

“A Christian has tremendous responsibilities to his own family. He or she has a responsibility of loving each member of the family.”

“No subject is closer to my heart than the family . . . The moral foundation of our country is in danger of crumbling as families break up and parents neglect their responsibilities.”

“We need to place God at the center of our family . . . As a family, we need to walk with God daily.”

“Your own family circle knows whether Christ lives in you and through you.”

“God knew that children grow and mature best in a stable, loving family, and this was one reason He gave marriage to us.”

“We have exchanged love of family and home for cyberfriends and living in constant motion that robs the soul from memories – and perhaps from that still, small voice that longs to be heard.”

“More friction and tensions are caused in a family by tone of voice than for any other one reason.”

“Many times it takes just one member of a family to initiate the action to bring a family back together again.”

“There is something wrong when a brother or sister becomes alienated from the rest of their family, so there is something wrong when Christians refuse to have anything to do with their fellow Christians. God wants us to live this Christian life together.”

“Amazing things can happen when the family of God bands together.”

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