10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Faith

Billy Graham was known around the world for his strong faith in Jesus Christ. He trusted in the Lord, and he preached about the importance of surrender. Here are some quotes on the topic of faith from a man who lived in sync with what he preached.

“Faith literally means ‘to give up, surrender, or commit.’
Faith is complete confidence.”

“Discouragement is the opposite of faith.
It is Satan’s device to thwart the work of God in your life.”

“Christians who are strong in their faith grow as they accept whatever God allows to enter their lives.”

“I have never been to the North Pole, and yet I believe there is a North Pole. How do I know? I know because somebody told me. I read about it in a history book, I saw a map in a geography book, and I believe the men who wrote those books. I accept it by faith. The Bible says, ‘Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God’ [Romans 10:17 KJV].”

“The Bible teaches that faith is the only approach that we have to God. No man has sins forgiven, no man goes to heaven, no man has assurance of peace and happiness, until he has faith in Jesus Christ.

“Fear can banish faith, but faith can banish fear.”

“Fear can paralyze us and keep us from believing God and stepping out in faith. The devil loves a fearful Christian.”

“If our faith isn’t rooted in the Bible, it will wither like a plant pulled out of the soil.”

“When our faith becomes nothing more than a series of rules and regulations, joy flees and our love for Christ grows cold.”

“Your faith may be just a little thread.
It may be small and weak, but act on that faith.
It does not matter how big your faith is,
but rather, where your faith is.”

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  1. Bommidi.Jyothi says:

    Praise the Lord. I have a fear, but I have a faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you so much. These quotes are helpful to me and every faithful Christian. I want to read Graham’s books. I am reading Graham’s books sample and it is very helpful. Please pray for me. Thank you.


    I love to hear Billy Graham and have ever since I went to his crusade in Denver, Co., in 1964.

  3. Lola says:

    I am a fearful Christian. Wish I wasn’t. Feels like my prayers for strength, joy, and peace don’t go any higher than my nostrils.

    1. bglibrary says:

      Hi Lola,
      God hears your prayers. Try reading through what Billy Graham had to say about fear: https://billygraham.org/grow-your-faith/topics/crisis-situations/fear/

  4. Deborah Gilbreath says:

    What a marvelous man of God whose teachings are still helping people all over the world to come closer to Christ, even though Billy has already gone to Heaven. God bless his memory and his work.

  5. gerry vanhorn says:

    Praise be given to our FATHER GOD. Thank You for all your love and forgiveness. May your ministry be blessed and grow till our LORD JESUS call us to meet HIM in the air.

  6. Annette Zuber says:

    I accepted Jesus. I have gone through a lot of silence from Jesus. I have 2 children who rebelled against Christ. One child accepted Jesus. I am asking for prayer that my faith can return strong.

  7. Deborah McNair says:

    I love Billy Graham

  8. Delia says:

    There’s something about Mr Billy Graham’s voice. As I hear him preached through the TV Crusade he speaks and touched people’s lives with urgency. It penetrates the truth of the Gospel and how people can receive Jesus in our lives. It was my dream to attend one of his crusade as a young girl but live across the Pacific Ocean is impossible. At a later time in my life I came to America in 1976, because I’m new and young Mr Billy Graham’s Crusade still far to travel in America’s cities so I just watched him on television. There’s no one like him these days. I cried when he passed away. Although, joyful, someday I will meet him in heaven. He spoke the truth that made an imprint in my heart and became a believer of Jesus Christ. Thank you.

  9. Whitney Faith Ritz says:

    Thank you so very much.

  10. POONGODI says:

    Praise the Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ. Please pray to Jesus to touch and heal our mother Poongodi, age 74, from her leg pain, weakness, diseases. Lord, give her good health, wealth, and a long peaceful life. Thank you Jesus.

  11. Bro. Ifeanyi Uba says:

    Very informative. Better direction gotten on the topic of
    FAITH. Thank God for a faith legend like Billy Graham.

  12. Leelia Carolyn Cornell says:

    Great article!

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