10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Disappointment

August 10, 2022

Disappointments happen to us all—they’re an unfortunate part of living in a fallen world. What did Billy Graham have to say about disappointment?

Read 10 quotes from Billy Graham on Disappointment:

The  time to prepare for life’s disappointments and hurts is in advance.

Don’t let failure or disappointment cut you off from God or make you think the future is hopeless. When God closes one door, He often opens another—if we seek it.

Don’t be bound by the past and its failures. But don’t forget its lessons either.

Many of the mysteries of God—the heartaches, trials, disappointments, tragedies, and the silence of God in the midst of suffering—will be revealed in heaven.

Learn from your disappointments and failures and with God’s help seek to overcome them. Ask yourself, could I have done anything to prevent this? Were my hopes and dreams unrealistic, or were my motives wrong? Is there a new path God wants me to explore? 

Disappointments are part of life; we can’t always have our own way, and we need to learn to separate what is significant from what is merely annoying. Only in heaven will we be free of all disappointments and failures. A friend of mine says, “Oh well, a hundred years from now it won’t make any difference!”

Disappointment and failure are not signs that God has forsaken you or stopped loving you. The devil wants you to believe God no longer loves you, but it isn’t true. God’s love for us never fails.

[While] disappointment and failure aren’t identical, they often occur together, and both can hold us back from God’s best for our lives.

I long to see [Jesus] face to face, to hear His voice and touch Him. In the day I go to be with Him, there will be no unfulfilled longings or disappointments. He will welcome me into His mansion, answer my questions, and teach me the wisdom of the ages.

Repeated disappointment almost always triggers a series of other reactions: discouragement, anger, frustration, bitterness, resentment, and even depression. Unless we learn to deal with disappointment, it will rob us of joy and poison our soul.

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