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Billy Graham Reaching Out To Those Needing Comfort

December 1, 2012

Over the last few months we have shared from our Archive Collection how, during his sixty plus years of ministry, Billy Graham ministered to individuals around the world. People from all segments of society sought after his wisdom and counsel.

However, Billy Graham sought after those who needed to be comforted after the disasters and storms that affected their lives. He and his wife Ruth visited and ministered to the Guatemalan earthquake victims in 1976. In 1977 he met with and comforted those in India who survived the cyclone and tidal wave. In 1995 he ministered to the people of Oklahoma City after the bombing in that city. And, after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, Billy and Franklin Graham met with the pastors and church leaders and held a Celebration of Hope in that city.

As Dr. M. V. Krishna Rao, a former Minister of Education in India, reiterates “Mr. Graham ‘s mercy mission to comfort the victims of the killer tidal wave and cyclone of the 29th of November, 1977, described as the greatest disaster of the 20th Century convinced me that his faith in God was revealed in his missionary work.


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