Be Encouraged: Stories from the Billy Graham Library

March 9, 2017

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The Billy Graham Library will be 10 years old in June. To celebrate, the Library is offering complimentary cake on June 10 and giveaways on the 10th day of each month to the first 50 people who visit the Library. Enjoy these recent stories from the Library.

Lighthouse for the Lost

A visitor, Tom, called ahead before he came to the Billy Graham Library and asked the staff and volunteers to start praying. His brother and sister were on their way from Michigan and he was bringing them to the Library that day.

He didn’t want to wait until they got to the Library to ask for prayer because this request had been on his heart too long. Forty years too long. You see, Tom had been praying for his brother Tim and sister Andrea’s salvation for four decades—nearly half their lives.

When they got there, Tim and Andrea were pretty amazed by their Journey of Faith tour—all the memorabilia and exhibits, and just how peaceful the Library was.

Sitting in the final theater, Tom stole a glance at Andrea and sensed God stirring her heart. When Billy Graham and Franklin Graham shared the Gospel message, he looked Andrea’s way and his 80-year-old sister had tears streaming down her face.

Tom went over and put his hands on her shoulders, looked her in the eye and asked if she had prayed to receive Christ as Savior. “I did,” she whispered. Tom hugged Andrea and thanked God for answering his and others’ prayers over the years.

“I wanted them to hear [the Gospel] from a third party,” he said. “The Library is a beacon. … a lighthouse for the lost,” Tom said, hoping his story will encourage people to never stop praying for their own family and friends.

“Don’t ever give up. Don’t quit. Just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Let God do it.”

And Tom will do that as well. “My brother, Tim, did not come to Christ today, but we are still praying for him.”

‘He Must Have Given Me Six Hugs’

Nine-year-old Isaac hopped right up from his knees in the Library’s prayer room and threw his arms around volunteer Bob Garner.

Letting go, he looked straight up at Bob and excitedly began rattling off in Spanish. Bob didn’t pick up everything Isaac said but pieced it together.

Two more hugs from Isaac and an open Spanish Gospel tract confirmed for Bob what had just happened—Isaac had just asked Jesus into his heart.

As a former missionary in South America, Bob still knew some Spanish, and wanted to make sure Isaac understood what a big deal this decision was.

A little rusty, Bob’s second language spilled out like Isaac’s newfound joy as the volunteer shared the Gospel in Spanish.

“I stumbled around with a few words but Isaac is heading to heaven, I know that. He must have given me six hugs.”

From working in another country, Bob already knew the power of the Gospel could overcome any language barrier.

And thinking it was pretty cool how Isaac came to the Library during his watch, Bob said, “You never know when God is going to work.”

The former missionary’s heart was full. And when he talked to Isaac’s dad, it got even fuller after he found out Isaac goes to church back home in Quito, Ecuador.

Bob knew his new friend would have plenty of believers supporting him in his new relationship with the Lord.

Other Comments From Library Visitors

“What an excellent way to tell others about the … importance of following Jesus. I can see how someone who is hurting and uncertain about life could be greatly encouraged and helped by visiting the Billy Graham Library.” —Jeanie from Tennessee

“It is great to be able to spend a day surrounded by people who genuinely care, yet don’t even know you. I loved the option of staff members praying with you and how they happily offered.” —Savannah from North Carolina

“I feel like my fire has been reignited to get out there and start volunteering again and become more active in spreading God’s Word.” —Marie from Florida

Admission to the Billy Graham Library and The Journey of Faith is free. For more information on the Library and upcoming events, or to schedule a group tour, please visit

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