A Love Poem from Ruth Bell Graham

February 14, 2013

Categories: Ruth Bell Graham

I looked into your face and knew
That you were true;
Those clear deep eyes awoke in me
A trust in you.
I’d dreamt of shoulders broad and straight,
One built to lead;
I met you once and knew that you
Were all I need.
You did not have to say a word
To make me feel
That will, completely in control,
Was made of steel.

I’d dreamt of dashing love and bold,
Life wild with zest;
But when with you my heart was stilled
To perfect rest.
And how? I could not understand,
It seemed so odd:
Till on my heart it quietly dawned
love is of God!



Written about Billy Graham, taken from Footprints of a Pilgrim: The Life and Loves of Ruth Bell Graham by Ruth Bell Graham. For more on the early days of the relationship between Billy and Ruth, visit us at The Library, or check out our other posts this week – “Billy and Ruth: A Love Story Begins” and “In His Own Words: Billy Graham on Asking Ruth for a Date.”

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