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12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 12

December 18, 2020

For 12 days, we will be posting Christmas giveaways in anticipation of the day Jesus Christ was born. Our hope is that these gifts will encourage followers of the blog to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Today’s giveaway is a comfort package.

  • “The Story: From Cradle to Empty Tomb”
  • A Luxury plush blanket with Billy Graham Library embroidered logo (50″ x 60″)
  • Joy to the World ceramic mug

Giveaway Rules:

To enter to receive the “Day 12” giveaway, share a prayer request in the comments below. The winner will be chosen randomly from comments received at before Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET. No purchase necessary. Odds of winning depend on the number of comments received. Void where prohibited. U.S. only.

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  1. Becky Robinson

    Please pray for my Mom who had her second knee surgery done this week. She’s hurting & not feeling real good. She starts Home Health today & in a few weeks she’ll begin physical therapy. She’s retired & so she can take it easy. She had her first knee surgery done 3 years ago.

  2. Meghana Reddy

    This is my sincere prayer request – both my parents don’t know Jesus and they are suffering a lot in terms of their health. None of my family members know Christ. My mother is a chronic heart patient and she had both her eyes operated on which didn’t go well. She’s always in a lot of pain emotionally and physically. She truly needs healing. My father grew up very poor and he is always sad and depressed, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and needs healing to flow in him. Neither of them have ever seen true joy but suffered all their lives. My sincere request is for them to know Christ and my family to know and follow Jesus.

  3. Meghana Reddy

    My sincere prayer request is for my parents and my sister. None of my family members know Christ and they have suffered a lot in their lives. My mother is a chronic heart patient and had both her eyes operated on which didn’t go well. She’s in pain emotionally and physically. My father was disco with schizophrenia and takes tons of pills. My sister is the same as my father and she’s so young yet in such a horrific state. My family desperately needs Jesus. We need Him more than ever before.

  4. Heather Worthy

    Please pray for understanding and peace this holiday, as I talk with so many day by day they are discouraged and sad that the holidays just aren’t going to be what they want, due to Covid, sickness and so many other circumstances. Help each of us Savor the Savior and be a peace with what we do have. Help ease the frustration and sooth the sadness and know that our God above the the eternal gift and reason for the season…Bless you all and Merry Christmas!

  5. Saoopaia Nongsiej

    Please pray for me so that I can live a holy life like Jesus

    Please pray for me so that I can fight a battle over Satan

    Please pray for me so that God will set me free from sin and God will break evey chain in my body

    As I have pray everyday about my friend Chisad. Please help me please pray for her. I lie to her everyday. She is my faithful, rightful friend. If God’s will I want to be with her forever as boyfriend girlfriend

  6. Please pray for my daughter, Addison. She is South Korea serving in the Air Force. She will not be home for Christmas this year. Pray she will seek the the Lord during this time.
    Thank you for your prayers!

  7. James Wuerflein

    I pray that the world will come to know Jesus and the good news of Christ. That they can look at his light and come out of the darkness that they been in and understand the real meaning of Christmas!

  8. My family back home have been through a lot since October. Please say a prayer for my uncle and for my brother Who is “my one” my prayer for him is to get to know and accept our Lord as his personal savior

  9. My prayer request is that God would once again bless our nation with wise leaders who are Godly men of integrity and give us a government that is honest, transparent, bold and fearless to carry out Gods precepts. We pray for leaders that follow God’s ways!

  10. Tina Shell

    I want to pray for all of us. This stuff that is going on. Needs prayers. People that can’t work, People that can’t see family during the holidays!! That’s all of us I’m sure. Love your neighbors as you would yourself. Love all !! Prayers for people that don’t have a warm place to go or food to eat!! God Bless everyone and Merry Christmas to all!!

  11. Bridget DeSoto

    Prayers for Gods continued covering over my family as we have lost almost everything prayers for continued good health having auto immune disease and for Gods will to be done and see what he has planned for our family I was laid off in the early stage of the pandemic and it’s been hard to find something being in such a closed state. Prayers for his work in our relationships marriages and friendships and for many to come to know him and his love. Thank you Jesus for all you are doing in our lives

  12. My prayer request – my mother just passed away last week after suffering many health issues for so many years. She was a fighter to the end. Her wish was always to get to the Billy Graham Library but due to health issues for over 12 years she could never get there. Pray as I go through the grief of losing my mother, Christmas and our adult children coming home. My brother is not coming home for a while now. She made sure every doctor knew that when she passed she would be in Heaven and did they know the way to Heaven?

  13. Father God, I pray for my family. Your hedge of protection over them all. Guide us and direct us. Father, please give us wisdom and direction. Let your will be done. I pray for our country our nation, Our leaders. I pray for our President and vice president and the Trump Pence administration. I pray Lord your covering your peace. Father vanquish the plans of the enemy. Have your will and your way. In Jesus Name Lord I thank you for everything. Every Good and perfect gift is from you. You are the source of our existence. We love you and Praise you. Heal our land. Amen.

  14. Hannah Willis

    I am a brand new mom. My baby boy was born on December 12. We wanted to have him as naturally as possible but due to complications with his heart rate dropping we had to have an emergency C-Section. Praise that he is doing well and is very healthy but prayers for me as I tackle being a new mom while having to heal from surgery at the same time.

  15. April Jackson

    My prayer request is for my dear friend Marianne Ortega. She has been fighting cancer for almost 2 years, and every time they think she’s in remission they find more cancer. Please pray for her. I love her dearly. Through it all she is always smiling and sharing her love & kindness with everyone. Thank you.

  16. Stephanie Higgins

    Please say a prayer for my grandmother, Ruthann, who recently got diagnosed with lung cancer and also has cancer in her brain. She was told that she has less than six months to live and is now unable to get out of bed or remember who my grandpa is on her bad days. Pray for my grandpa, Jim, as well as this is his second time around losing his wife to cancer.

    Thank you,


  17. Please pray for all of our military that is overseas or away from their family. Our oldest son is currently overseas. Please pray for all the college students finishing up the first semester of this school year. It has been a tough one.

  18. Please pray for my wife Lorena who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer earlier this year. After we found out, we visited the Library with whom one of your volunteers, Barbara, a cancer survivor herself prayed over my wife. I too pray for my parents as I’m not fully sure they are followers of Christ. Thank you and God bless

  19. Our country needs healing and so much prayer. I am asking to pray for our President, Vice President, and elected leaders.

    Pray that our leaders do the right thing and that they have the courage and wisdom to do so.

    Pray for our safety, American patriotism, American loyalty. May God bless the USA. Thank you.

  20. Brittany Lesmeister

    If you could please keep my sister in your prayers . She is 21 and has had health issues for a while. She is now in the hospital at Duke has lost 20 pounds in two weeks. She can’t stop vomiting no matter what medication they give her. She can’t hold juice down or even jello. It’s so sad to see her like this.
    We know God is a way maker and a healing God. Praying for all of these other prayer requests as well !

  21. Jen Myers

    I would love to have prayer as I have surgery this Tuesday Dec 22! Praying that all goes smoothly and I’m able to come home that day. I have a two year old at home and I want to be home as soon as possible. Also pray for a smooth recovery with no setbacks.

  22. Gabrielle

    I want to pray for all of the lost souls out there. Today’s world and society can be very brutal. It is my hope that hard hearts can be softened and opened to the Word of God to allow Him in.

  23. Kira Gansert

    My Prayer request is for myself to get into nursing school and on the path to helping others. And for the blessings to continue from the past year it’s been hard for everyone and I don’t take it for granted. I hope everyone grows a little closer to Christ through the storm.

  24. Stephanie Maggert

    I would like prayer for the salvation of my brother. He’s going through a rough time of his life…and we don’t know how to reach him. Please pray that God would send him a mentor. And that he would turn his heart back to God.

  25. Pray for my mental health and parental struggles during this pandemic. We have 2 small children and keeping them home every day since mid March is hard and I need patience and more understanding and grace.

  26. My dad is battling cancer and just finished a brutal round of chemo and radiation combined. He needs prayers to round the corner and for his counts to start to rise, along with pain and nausea to subside. Thank you for the prayer.

  27. Thank you for praying! Means a lot. My prayer is that our family stays healthy and that our parents who live so far away from us stay healthy too. This Christmas will be different as we won’t be able to travel home to visit them. Also, my prayer is that God will lead and guide our steps as we look to purchase a new home.

  28. Whit Chapman

    Could you please pray for the church I pastor, Covenant Baptist Church? Asking for wisdom as we continue to walk through this pandemic. Our staff has viewed this time as an opportunity to hit a re-set button in our ministry- we want to do continue to share the gospel, and simplify our ministry so that we can effectively make disciples. Thank you!

  29. Katy Hill

    Please pray that if it’s God’s will, I do well in my interview for a new job on Monday. It would give me my weekends off and open up the time to watch church online and have more of a work life balance.

  30. Rita Sammons

    Please pray for my husband, who is experiencing heart problems. Possibly CHF. Wearing a life vest! Can’t work right now. And pray for 2 of my children, who have strayed. Even if they were ever saved. Thank you.

  31. Pray for the salvation of our families, friends & others who don’t know Jesus.
    Pray for the church, our spiritual leaders, & ministries, that they will fulfill God’s purpose for them to bring a lost world to a saving knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.
    Pray that all Christians will be salt & light, that God will grant us the boldness to be a witness for Jesus Christ in this dark & crazy world.
    Pray for all of the people affected by the
    covid virus, that they will find comfort & healing in Jesus Christ.
    Pray for our nation, that we will humble ourselves, pray & seek God’s face & turn from our sinful & wicked ways, that we will seek His forgiveness & that He will draw us near to Himself & heal our land.
    In Jesus Name, Amen!🙏

  32. Pray for our family, friends and others who don’t know Jesus Christ personally; that the Holy Spirit will draw them in repentance, to accept and trust the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for their eternal salvation. Pray that God will show them their need of His forgiveness, and saving grace, so that they can experience His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control in their lives.
    Pray that this New Year will bring new life to our loved ones who are living in darkness.
    In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

  33. Melanie Elrod

    My prayer request is for the many people with COVID. I’ve known several people to die and many others who are sick and in ICU right now. Also, I pray for our country – we are in turmoil on so many fronts – if people would accept Jesus so many issues would be solved. Thank you.

  34. Melissa Epps

    Please pray for this country and everyone that is struggling now. Pray for the small businesses that are failing. Pray for our incoming leadership that they make the right decisions for the American people. Pray for healing in our nation.