12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 9

For 12 days, we are posting Christmas giveaways in anticipation of the day Jesus Christ was born. Our hope is that these gifts will encourage followers of the blog to focus on the real meaning of this season. Today’s giveaway includes a book by Phil Robertson, and a Duck Commander devotional.

  • “unPHILtered: The Way I See It” by Phil Robertson
  • The Duck Commander Devotional

Giveaway Rules:

To enter to receive the “Day 9” giveaway, share in the comments below your favorite way to spend devotional time. The winner will be chosen randomly from comments received at https://billygrahamlibrary.org/12-days-christmas-giveaways-day-9-2018/ before Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET. No purchase necessary. Odds of winning depend on the number of comments received. Void where prohibited.

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  1. Angie Dillner says:

    My favorite devotional time is while the coffee is brewing before the kids wake up. The morning is still and gives me a chance to start the day in the right mindset.

  2. Mary padgett says:

    My favorite way to have a devo is to get outside and walk through His creation! There is something about being in creation that connects us to the heart of God. It’s easier to hear His whisper and not be distracted by the everyday tasks that seem to always press in on us. Reading His word and responding to it in the wilderness seems natural and unhindered.

  3. Karen Pope says:

    My ideal devotional time takes place at my desk at home with my Bible and a steaming cup of hot tea nearby. I always have a goal of 30 quiet minutes alone with the Lord before I head to work. I do not always meet that goal, but the Lord and I always meet at my desk before each day begins!

  4. Shawn Dant says:

    My devotional time is Spur of the Moment. I spend my time being thankful and giving praise many times throughout my day.

  5. Ben S says:

    My favorite way to spend time on devotional is to read during nap time.

  6. Angel Hymes34@yahoo.com says:

    Best way – friends, a.m. coffee

  7. Gary Mullins says:

    I need to be somewhere quiet with no distractions. Otherwise, my mind will wander. God deserves my undivided attention.

  8. Raju Chindham says:

    My favorite way to spend devotional time is when I am with happiness because, anyone can spend when they are troubles and temptations but god gave happiness and so many they don’t remember god when they are happy. Happiness is from God.

  9. Vanessa Ortiz says:

    I have to say my favorite way to spend devotional time is through this app on my phone. It’s the bible app which allows you to do devotions with your friends and family. I either do it in the morning or at night when I’m more relax. I read and post my comment about the lesson that was for that day and respond to other comments I see. It keeps me reading verses.

  10. Diego Slater says:

    By myself when the kids are napping and everything is so quiet and peaceful, I put on worship and have some time alone with God. With my family, is at night, before before bedtime, the kids praise and worship and we all have prayer time before bed.

  11. Johanna Villamizar says:

    When the kids are napping and I can turn on worship, I have my own time with God. But I love having also the time with my family which is at night after dinner, we all put worship videos, the kids sing and we finish the day in prayer

  12. Jennifer Blanton says:

    My favorite way to spend my devotional time is around 5 am praying then reading God’s Word and reflecting on what His will is for me today.

  13. Rose Bruton says:

    One of my favorite ways to spend Devotion Time, is getting alone and drawing near to the Lord. I grab my Bible and head into our spare Bedroom, after shutting the door and sinking into our rocking chair with the foot bench that rocks- I close my eyes and just breath deep and whisper, Here I am Lord, Do You want to tell me anything?
    I’m listening….and after a while I am crying a river of tears and chewing on Scriptures, and fresh sermonette.
    And I always wonder- how can anyone not think of Jesus all day?

  14. Jeannie Bratton says:

    My mind wanders so bedtime is my best time. The house is quiet, my chores are done for the day, I snuggle up and study and pray. I know that the Lord is with me at all times. I remind myself that all I have including my wonderful husband, already asleep, is given to me from my Lord and Savior. I am at peace with myself.

  15. Pamela Edwards says:

    My favorite time is at night while the house is asleep , it’s just the Lord & I . I go to him in prayer and spend time lifting up my family and many others .

  16. Kathy Davis says:

    My favorite way to have a devo is when I am alone at the State Park by my house crying out to God…

  17. Nancy s Ashley says:

    I think my favorite way to spend devotional time is of course to read some scripture but to also read uplifting short stories and stories that I can learn meaningful lessons from. I am sure I don’t spend enough time doing devotion and just this reminder to “think” about my devotional time is an encouragment to do better. My best time is probably backwards from most peoples but late at night is when I do my best thinking, and also my best reading time as I can stay up as late as I want and I don’t have interruptions. I really hope I can win this as I have so much admiration for Phil and his whole family. I have read many of the families books.

  18. Emma says:

    The way I love to spend my devotional time is in the morning right when I get up. Before anyone else is awake and the house is silent. The sun coming down on the kitchen table. It’s the perfect time to spend with God.

  19. Vanessa Fields says:

    Early morning with the house still quiet and nobody awake yet or a small walk outside on a busy day just to have those few moments.

  20. McKenzie says:

    I enjoy being by myself in my from to read The Bible or a devotional book!

  21. McKenzie says:

    I enjoy being by myself in my room to read The Bible or a devotional book!

  22. Casey Highley says:

    My favorite place for my daily devotional time is the spot in my living room by the window. So that following my read, I can look out and see God’s creation.

  23. Michelle Prince says:

    It’s rare, but I love it when I can share devotional time with my family (most of the time, we are all on a different schedule).

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