10 Graham Family Christmas Traditions

December 10, 2013

Christmas traditions are carried from each generation to the next. As we count down the days until Dec. 25, we take a look at some of the customs the Billy and Ruth have shared in countless stories throughout the years as their favorite Christmas traditions.

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10 Graham Family Christmas Traditions

  1. Making the manger scene an important part of Christmas decorations
  2. Enjoying Christmas music and carols with family and friends
  3. Reading the Christmas story from the Book of Luke in front of the family fireplace
  4. Loading down the tree branches with ornaments
  5. Tying the smallest gifts to the Christmas tree
  6. Hanging stockings on the fireplace mantel – one for each child
  7. Bringing together many family and friends in their N.C. mountain home to celebrate Christmas
  8. Recalling past Christmases and sharing stories from those years past
  9. Enjoying a tradition that Ruth’s family brought back from China – oyster stew for breakfast
  10. The most important part – thanking our Lord for His most precious gift, sending the baby Jesus to be our Savior


What are some of your family’s Christmas traditions?

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