The World Remembers Billy Graham

Over the past month many have offered their memories and condolences of Rev. Billy Graham. Today we are sharing some of those with you.

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“Billy Graham has been an inspiration in my life. It is my firm belief that no one can be president without a belief in God, without understanding the power of prayer, without faith. And Billy Graham helped me understand that. … I thank God for bringing Billy Graham into the lives of my family. He gave us great strength, and through him we better know God’s Son, Jesus Christ.”
—Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush


“When I was a small boy, about 12 years old, Billy Graham came to Little Rock, Arkansas, to preach a Crusade. Our town was torn apart by racial conflict. Our high schools were closed, and there were those who asked Billy Graham to segregate his audience. … I’ll never forget what he said—that if he had to speak the Word of God to a segregated audience, he would violate his ministry, and he would not do it. And at the most intense time in the modern history of my state, everybody caved, and blacks and whites together poured into the football stadium. And when the invitation was given, they poured down the aisles together, and they forgot they were supposed to be mad at each other and angry at each other, that one was supposed to consider the other somehow less than equal. He never preached a word about integrating the schools. He preached the Word of God, and he lived it by the power of his example.”
—Former U.S. President Bill Clinton


“… he’s willing to preach to the most powerful and the least powerful. And people want to be in Billy’s presence. I mean, when I was president, I was thankful that Billy came to the White House to visit. He has no political agenda. He has an agenda of the Lord.”
—Former U.S. President George W. Bush



“When I think back over my years in Christian music, my mind floods with so many memories that it’s hard to narrow down the best one. The events themselves come and go, but the emotion attached to these memories remains very real to me. The two most emotional events for me occurred in 1994 and in 1998. The first event was at a Billy Graham Crusade in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Graham delivered his timeless, simple message of salvation. When he gave the invitation, kids started coming forward to accept Christ. First a few, then more, then hundreds and eventually there were thousands of kids in front of the stage at Cleveland Stadium. I will never forget it.”
—Michael W. Smith

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  1. Cecile Testerman says:

    I visited the Billy Graham library over the weekend a wonderful experience. His words and testimony makes me know heaven is real and the joy that awaits us when we arrive there. I can remember attending a crusade in Knoxville Tennessee
    Our church first baptist recently ,awesome community wide tribute to Dr. Graham.

  2. Christine Kabamba says:

    Glory be to God Almighty for Billy Graham’s life

  3. Susanne Hastings says:

    I am forever grateful for Billy’s prayers and teaching. Priceless gifts of time and prayers. He contacted me on FB and later we were in contact through texting, but He always reminded me we serve a living God here, we are not waiting for Him. He is here, with us , and we are never alone. God is always with us and Jesus came to forgive us and give us new life.

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