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The Restless Ones

October 1, 2011

These are items which are not displayed in our permanent exhibit but are offered here for online viewing.

Over the next few months we will feature memorabilia from World Wide Pictures, a film production and distribution company of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association established in 1951.

This month we are featuring promotional material from The Restless Ones. A hidden treasure, this film was Billy Graham’s first movie to be shown in regular theaters.

The Restless Ones was produced in 1965 and directed by Dick Ross. The cast includes Johnny Crawford, Kim Darby, and Billy Graham (as himself.)

The film gives a realistic look into a teen’s life during the 1960s and dealt with topics that are still relevant today, such as peer pressure, dating, and drugs.

“The most wonderful thing about being a Christian young person is that you can have Christ in your heart to help you. You say, I don’t have the strength. I don’t have the power to resist. Of course you don’t, but Christ will help you if you let Him. He comes into your heart. He helps guide you, He gives you extra strength, He gives you the extra power to live the Christian life!” –Billy Graham

 The Restless Ones
DVD is available for purchase at the Library bookstore. You can also order online.


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