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The Navigators

April 1, 2014

Throughout the years, crusades began to grow larger and larger, and the number of people coming forward to receive Christ continually increased. In response, Billy Graham asked Dawson Trotman, who worked at the Navigators, to help him develop a system that would give these people the opportunity to experience discipleship and growth.

The Navigators already had an excellent program aimed at these efforts, and helped Graham create what is now Counseling and Follow Up for crusades. The Navigators’ program emphasized the memorization of Scripture, and provided Bible verses on small index cards that could be easily carried in one’s pocket. Charlie Riggs oversaw the Navigators’ program for following up with new believers after Crusades, before joining the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as director of Crusade Counseling and Follow Up. Riggs faithfully worked in this role for forty years.

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