Ruth Bell Graham’s Fresh Apple Cake Recipe

Ruth Graham is widely known for her loving support of Billy Graham and their children, her poetry, and ultimately her strong faith in the Lord. As most women in her day did, she spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for her large family. The Billy Graham Library recently received some of the recipes she used in her kitchen.

Since many of us are currently spending more time at home in light of COVID-19, we’re sharing one of these recipes for you to try: Fresh Apple Cake.

You can make this cake with ease using basic pantry items and fresh apples.

Let us know if you make it—share photos of your Fresh Apple Cake on social media and tag us!

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Click here for more recipes from Ruth Bell Graham.

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  1. Kelly Anne Bourque says:

    God Bless the Entire Graham Family. I love them. Thank you so very much. For many years I used to watch Rev. Billy Graham on TV.
    Loved watching his specials on TV. And Now his beautiful children are such a inspiration and his grandchildren as well. Praise Jesus. Will make The Apple cake. Love you from Canada.❤️??

    1. Judy stigall says:

      May God Continue to bless and keep you safe. Love all the work you do.

  2. Brian Rentfro says:

    This looks good I will have to try it .
    Thank You

  3. Deepti Singh says:

    Im going to bake the cake today.

  4. Leah Organ says:

    I couldn’t wait to visit Billy Graham Museum when I flew in to North Carolina to visit family. The exhibit was beautiful and gave me a chance to reflect on my walk with Jesus. I really wasn’t aware of the whole story of Billy Graham. God is awesome. The way God used Billy was a great miracle to me. I felt peace and love and a special closeness to Jesus while visiting the grounds. I really hope I have the chance to visit again. I won’t forget my experience.

  5. Barbara Ames says:

    I feel like I have a Bakery Shop Now! I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this cake taste! When I added apples, I had to mix in with my hands. This will go in my recipe box as a favorite! I love Pastor Billy Graham and Pastor Ruth and decided to honor her by making this cake. You both will always be in my heart❤

  6. Marie Bushman says:

    Delicious! Found this recipe in a cookbook compiled by employees, one of them a dear friend, of an ophthalmology practice years ago. My husband and I really enjoyed this….moist, easy to assemble, not too sweet….I think it will freeze well. I will share this with our church’s senior group. Thank you.
    Marie Bushman

  7. Sandi Goins says:

    I just read this email and saw Ruth’s recipes and truly also enjoy this segment of the email. It put an authentic smile on my face and can’t wait to try some me of these recipes. Thank you and Gods best blessings be yours. Sandi

    1. Kathleen Fearka says:

      I am going to try this recipe .

      It looks very easy and delicious
      Thanks for posting !!:)🙏🙏🙏❣️

  8. Nancy Jones says:

    Love the Billy Graham legacy

  9. Nona Gibbona says:

    My Mom always listened to Billy Graham & Oral Roberts.

  10. Julia Campolo says:

    Will definitely make Fresh Apple Cake from apples of my dad’s orchard. Thank you all for your inspiration,deep love of Jesus and mentoring me in a deeper faith with Jesus.

  11. Emma Lineberger says:

    Looks a lot like my dear Mother-in-laws recipe.
    The Graham Family has meant a lot to me down through the years. Used to listen to him preach.
    Thank you for sharing Mrs Graham’s recipe’s.

  12. janice l Coble says:

    Thanks for posting this email with Mrs. Graham’s recipes. I can’t wait to make the Apple Cake & to view her other recipes. And, the picture of her is so sweet, very pretty lady. God Bless

  13. Sharon Carlson says:

    I love all of the older recipes. My husband loves anything baked with apples. I plan to try it.

    Thank you!

  14. Shirley Verna says:

    Thank you for the recipes. I will enjoy making them and will let you know how I liked them.

  15. Kathleen Sines says:

    Thank you for being there!

  16. Noel Kurian says:

    About time to learn some good American cooking. Kick off time!

  17. Karen Melvin says:

    I love to bake, but I especially love recipes from days gone by. My Grandma Rosie used to make an apple cake and I am hoping this will bring back memories when I bake it. Thank you for sharing Ruth’s recipes. She was a woman of faith and a testimony to the LORD Jesus Christ.

  18. Ruth Senecal says:

    We loved the cherry cake and served it on Fathers Day! Will soon try the apple cake. Thank You

  19. Julia Brodt says:

    This apple cake recipe looks very similar to one my grandma made, resulted in a tasty, moist cake. I look forward to trying this one. The Grahams have been an inspiration to several generations and they continue today!

  20. Debra Peterson says:

    We made the fresh apple cake for my birthday! It is delicious, and very moist. The glaze is like butterscotch and caramel. I would highly recommend it!

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