Prayers for Graduates

July 7, 2017

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As your son or daughter heads off to college, it can be a season full of both joy and sorrow. While you have prepared them for this moment their entire lives, it can be difficult to watch them leave. In these moments we must lift up our children in prayer and ask the Lord for guidance and peace in our own life. Join us in the following prayers:

Lord, I thank you for <your child’s name> and how you have prepared him for such a time as this. I pray that:

  • His mind and heart will be open to God’s truth. (Answers, Pray For Your College-Aged Kid, 2015)
  • You will create within her a desire for the living God. (Day by Day, Oct. 10, 1976)
  • She will not conform to the patterns of the world but be transformed in the renewing of her mind. (Romans 12:2)
  • God will bring students and teachers who point him to Christ across his path. (Answers, Pray For Your College-Aged Kid, 2015)
  • You will direct his youthful energy, so that he may be a blessing to others. (Day by Day, June 26, 1976)
  • She builds relationships with other students that are glorifying and pleasing to the Lord. (Answers, Seek out other Christians on your college campus, 2014)
  • He seeks God’s will when facing life’s problems and temptations. (Prayers from a Mother’s Heart, pg. 49, 1999)

Lord, as I prepare to send <your child’s name>  into a new chapter of life, I pray that:

  • You would help me be an example to my child of Christ’s unfailing love. (Day by Day, Jan. 5, 1976)
  • I would be filled with peace and joy about this new season in my child’s life. (Prayers from a Mother’s Heart, pg. 115, 1999)
  • I continue to grow in my personal faith as my child grows in his. (Mothers Together, pg. 70, 1998)
  • My relationship with my child will continue to grow as I support and love her from a distance. (Mothers Together, pg. 46, 1998)

Finally, Lord, I commit <your child’s name> into your hands. Let your will be done in her life and may she do everything for the glory of Your Kingdom. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.


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