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Louis Zamperini

June 1, 2011

This month the Billy Graham Library is pleased to display the script of Zamperini: Still Carrying the Torch, a biographical released in 1992 by World Wide Pictures Home Video.

Louis Zamperini began his adulthood as an Olympic runner during the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where he finished his last lap in 56 seconds. A few years later he flew bombing missions during World War II, when his plane went down in the ocean. By God’s grace and Zamperini’s tenacity, he survived for 47 days in a raft. He was subsequently taken as a prisoner of war for more than two years.

Zamperini gave his life to Christ after hearing Billy Graham preach the Gospel in 1949. Since that time he has been an evangelist and has reached out to disadvantaged youth and the elderly.

Shown above is an excerpt (of the original transcript) from Zamperini: Still Carrying the Torch.

Louis Zamperini has since become close friends with Billy Graham and said that it was Mr. Graham who helped him come to terms with one of his favorite themes, “forgiveness.”

These scripts are an example of one of the most valuable ways a testimony can be recorded and shared for generations to come.

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