Kurt Warner Testimony Tract

Kurt Warner has said that Billy Graham’s integrity has had a major impact on his life. Warner shared his testimony with the crowd at the St. Louis Crusade in October 1999.

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Greater St. Louis Crusade

Oct. 15, 1999 – Trans World Dome

CLIFF BARROWS:  Many have said that Super Bowl XXXIV was perhaps the best ever played.  Yet its MVP was the most unlikely choice at the start of the season.  His name:  Kurt Warner.  A journeyman quarterback who was signed as a backup seemed to come from nowhere to lead the league in quarterback rating, throwing 41 touchdowns in one season and taking his team into the millennium Super Bowl.

On that Sunday in Atlanta as the final two minutes began to tick away, Kurt found teammate Isaac Bruce streaking down the sideline for a game-winning 73-yard touchdown.  After the game, Kurt was asked to explain his success.  In an era of big egos, his answer was quite surprising.

KURT WARNER:  Well, first things first, I’ve got to give the praise and glory to my Lord and Savior up above.  Thank you, Jesus.

CLIFF BARROWS:  Ladies and gentlemen, Kurt Warner.  Well, there’re a lot of things, Kurt, we’d like to ask you.  But I guess we can start off with one you could take the rest of the evening on.  What really makes the difference in your life?  What are the most important things in life to you right now, your values?  What motivates you?

KURT WARNER:  Well, he’s going to give me the microphone; I might talk for a while.  But, first of all, I just want to say, isn’t God awesome!

I’ve been in this place many times with the seats packed and people cheering, but I’ve never been so awestruck as I am right now.  And the reason is because I know you guys aren’t here because I can throw touchdown passes or because I can win football games.  You guys are here to hear me talk about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You know, when I was growing up and I was raised in the church, you know, I had a religious background.  But all through my life, you know, for a long period of time anyways, I always had my life on one side and my Lord was on the other.  And they were always two separate things.  You know, I was over here and I was living my life and doing the things that I thought I should be doing, you know, trying to live a good life by human standards.  And then whenever I’d screwed that up, or whenever my mom made me go to church, I got over to this side and, you know, prayed and did those things.  But they were always separate things.

And about four years ago, thanks to the help of my wife and some really close friends of mine, I was born again.  I was brought to a—I was brought to come and, you know, give my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  And it was amazing.  Right at that moment, those two entities went just like this.  And I realized that they’re not two separate things, that the reason I have this life and the reason that I am here is to praise and worship the man above.

And from that point in time my life changed.  And it didn’t always go exactly the way that I had hoped it would go.  It wasn’t quite the script that I had written.  But after being up here tonight and seeing what’s happened over the last five weeks, I realize that there was a reason that the Lord brought me along the way He did.

He knew that four years ago, five years ago, six years ago I wouldn’t have been ready for this.  You know, I wasn’t focused on what was really important in life.  I would have been happy to throw touchdown passes and make a lot of money and do those types of things.  But I would have been happy to do that for me.  Now when I go out and step on this field and can throw some touchdown passes and can win football games, all I think about is how I can build that platform and use what I do on this football field to glorify and praise my Lord and Savior.

And so when people ask me who I am, all I can say is I’m a devout Christian man because that’s who I am.  I’m not a football player.  That’s just what I do.  What I am is a man that lives his life for Jesus Christ.  And all I try to do is—and all I want to do is share His love and take advantage of every single opportunity that I have to share His ministry and His Word with everybody that I come involved with.

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  1. Linda Howe says:

    That’s precisely what life is all about. You can go to church, and you can believe there is a God, but not until we give up our will for God’s will and ask Jesus to come into our heart, to be our Lord and Savior will our lives change. That’s what the bible calls “being born again”. We need to invite Jesus to save us, to guide us, to change our lives. When we really mean it, we are picking up our cross and following Jesus, He comes to live inside of us. From that point we are never the same. God starts to give us the understanding we never had, and one step at a time He helps us win each battle. We start to be givers and not takers, servants of God, and it’s awesome! Easy, not always, but sooooo worth it!

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