He Is Risen—Billy Graham preaches in Jerusalem, 1960

In 1960, Billy Graham traveled to Jordan and Israel to “see the places that were sacred to  Christians, Muslims, and Jews … to report to the 50,000 Christians in Israel what was happening in the church in other parts of the world … to preach God’s word in the whole world … to thank the people of Israel for being the nation through whom Jesus was brought to this earth in the divine plan of God (Just As I Am, 1997).”

This video is part of the message of Good News that Billy Graham preached in Israel.

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  1. Vicky Haisty says:

    My heart was blessed by one of God’s all-time fathful & true servant’s, Pastor Billy Graham & the greatest news of all time, “Jesus Christ Is Risen From The Dead!!” Thanks be unto God for the greatest gift ever to be given, His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior, who willingly laid down His life for us on the cross at Calvary so we could be saved & redeemed! Loved this message from the Master brought to the world at this most wonderful of times, Easter, thru His beloved messenger, Rev. Billy Graham, at Christ’s glorious empty tomb in the holy city of Jerusalem. Simply breathtaking and a hope-inspiring timeless message to further the Kingdom of God & His Great Commission! Come, Lord Jesus! Thank you & God bless. Shalom!!!

    1. Vicky Haisty says:

      Received a blessing from this clip of the greatest news of all time: Christ Is Risen From The Dead! To God Be The Glory. Thank you & Happy Easter. Shalom.

  2. King Johnson says:

    Shalom Glory plus Harmony through our extraordinary and precious Holy Spirit!-)+ the journey is just beginning and who the best is always ahead!-)+

  3. Jewell Aeling says:

    God Bless All

  4. Joan Wolf says:

    It is wonderful to have the opportunity to hear this portion of Billy Graham’s sermon from 1960. I was in high school at that time! The Lord has truly blessed and used him and his family to further His kingdom.

  5. Dave Falk says:

    Thank you again for the wonderful meassage of hope,My wife and I have been 2 times to the tomb,but last year Jesus call her home.
    I think of you many times.
    Have joy full Easter

  6. Tommy Grant says:

    Very good 5min message, you just do not get this any more much more is needed this day & time!!?

  7. Sherry Graham says:

    I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for your and your teams obedience to Him. For you have always kept your focus on Christ, even with all that we have seen change in the world. Thank you for sharing this 1960 preaching of the resurrection. I was 14 years old then, but praise God His message has never changed. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

  8. Kevin Robertson says:

    I grew up watching this man. Now I am on his Oregon team. What an honor it is to serve God through this ministry.

  9. Filomena says:

    Amen Jesus protect my family give my kids peace love And care , bless with lots of love Jesus and help us in our financies life too , Jesus I Love , I trust in you Jesus AMEN

  10. Sharon says:

    I just read that message a few days ago and now I hear it again. It stirred my heart and I know why I believe in Jesus. He is our Savior and our guide. Without him my life would not be the same. He gives us all a reason to live each day. Someday anyone who believes in him will spend eternity with him. Praise be to God.

  11. Dianne Cole says:

    I praise God for sending Dr. Billy Graham to this world to preach and deliver Gods word to us. He has been an inspiration to me for years and years. I have read so many of his books and followed him along the way. I am a better Christian because of him. I enjoyed the video. Hope Dr. Graham and his entire staff and family will have a blessed Easter.

  12. Rev. Samuel Maddox says:

    great way to start off my thursday before Good Friday

  13. Jean Puckett says:

    I shared this on my Facebook! So awesome to hear scripture read by one of God’s great saints! Thank you for sharing this! He is risen indeed!

  14. Gloria S. Neal says:

    This is so beautiful ,especially at this time .

  15. Lauren Root says:

    God Bless Billy Graham and his family for preaching the Gospel to many!

  16. Bishara S. Kawar says:

    If my memory didn’t fail me, I saw the Rev. Billy Graham for the first time in Jerusalem in 1960 when I was eight years old. Members of the Southern Baptist Curches in Jordan took a couple of busses from Amman to Jerusalem to hear Billy preach. A dear friend of ours, pastor Roy Whitman, pastor of Jordans’s first evangelical church located in Amman was the translator to Arabic of Rev. Billy’s message. God has used the Rev. Billy Graham to revive His church throughout the world and I hope America today will listen to God’s message through His servant Billy Graham.

    1. bo herup nielsen says:

      To see behind the weil…
      I knew David Kawar in DK for many years!

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