Dr. Kent and Amber Brantly Meet Visitors at Book Signing

July 26, 2015

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Dr. Kent and Amber Brantly arrive at the Billy Graham Library for the first stop on their book tour for their recently released book Called for Life: How Loving Our Neighbor Led Us into the Heart of the Ebola Epidemic.
Amber Brantly, wife of Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly, and co-author of Called for Life reads a Bible passage before the book signing.
The Brantlys, who recently made a return visit to Liberia, opened in prayer for those still serving in West Africa and treating Ebola.
Many in attendance at Saturday's book signing had followed each step of the Brantlys’ journey, faithfully praying for them.
Called for Life, released July 21, chronicles the Brantlys' journey through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery from Ebola, and how God healed Kent and carried their family through that difficult period in their lives.
Library guests couldn't wait to meet the Brantlys in person.
A Ph.D. student from Liberia had previously met Kent and Amber at a symposium at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte earlier this year.
Busy signing books that guests brought.
Dr. Debbie Eisenhut, who treated Dr. Brantly while he was sick, surprised the Brantlys and attended the signing. Other guests in line were excited to talk to her, and were thrilled to witness her emotional reunion with the Brantlys.
Guests from as far away as Tennessee came to meet the Brantlys at the first book signing for Called for Life.
Dozens who followed the story of Dr. Kent Brantly's journey from Ebola doctor to patient met the doctor and his wife at the Billy Graham Library.

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